Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Message from Sanat Kumara

Welcome Everyone, Welcome! I AM Sanat Kumara.
I call on each of you to remember that the universe is inside of you. I call on you to be that universe with all your heart. Your own consciousness has its roots in the universe. This is your center and your power. Rise up in the light and open to the glory of love. Love is the power that will heal you and heal your world. If you fall down, rise up with more love and keep going. Use the power of the universe to accomplish your goals. Trust that the Divine is moving through you little by little, day by day, until you have mastered your magnificent gifts and realized that you can change your world. The universe is your strength. Rise up, dear ones, and find your true nature to be reunited with the force of the universe that created you. You come from the Infinite, and to the Infinite you shall return. Rise up, dear ones, and discover your true glory. I AM Sanat Kumara, your brother and your friend. I AM with you now at this most precious time of Awakening. We will move forward together and bring the Power of Light and Love to your world.

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