Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ We are One with Nature, Only our Mind can Distract Us from being Happy


Human beings have created a world from our mind that reflects the way our mind thinks. It has nothing to do with true happiness. When our heart feels something, our mind disapproves and talks us out of it. The world we created reinforces this control and never allows us to be natural. We are always under pressure to behave as the world created by our mind commands us to behave. We are trained to think before we act. We have to fit in and do what is responsible without considering if it will make us happy. This is the source of all pain.
Our life needs to be more natural and more simple. We were born with everything we need. We were born as a part of Nature but live in a world that is no longer natural. No wonder we are so confused!

Nature is here to help provide everything we need to be alive and be happy. We can no longer ignore what our body and soul are telling us. Live life in harmony with all life and enjoy what nature provides us. We don’t need to modify it or improve it. Our minds can never improve Nature. Only when we stop thinking and just feel what we need without having to prove it or make it logical can we find our way back to the natural life. We all have natural instincts that silently whisper to us everyday, but our mind is so noisy and often so bossy that we fail to notice the silent voice within us.
Meditation helps us to awaken our inner guidance. If we learn to listen to the whisper of our heart, we would know more clearly what to do with our life. No one can tell you what to do. The only reliable guidance you will ever receive will come from inside of you. Even the masters cannot guide you. You are the center of your own life and the universe moves through you everyday. Only your mind and all of its commands can distract you from finding real happiness. Tune in to the very center of your life and listen to the quiet feelings of your heart. The universe is already guiding you. Turn off your mind and tune in. All of the answers you are looking for will be found in silent whispers and not in the noisy commands from your mind.

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