Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Self Mastery

We are two beings in one body. The universe is our source and our true nature is as infinite as the Universal Consciousness that resides in all things. We are also an individual with human needs and human limitations. Like a wave on the ocean, our limitations can be expanded to include the potential of the ocean of consciousness that is deep inside of us. Our personal life is just the appearance of a wave of Universal Consciousness. We are Infinite inside.

Gaining Self Mastery is easy. We only need to look inside for that part of us that is one with the universe. We can call this our Buddha Nature, our Inner Christ, or our Higher Self. Whatever we choose to call it, it is a vast resource of Love and Wisdom that is a natural part of our own unique consciousness. This part of us remains Infinite and Divine while our individual mind and body functions in this world. Our own Infinite Potential is here with us every day but we look so intensely at our daily problems that we overlook the vast reservoir of Knowledge and Love that exists inside of us.

I am currently planning a new program to help everyone to connect and develop their ability to become a living Master in daily life. This program of Self Mastery is so simple that anyone can do learn it. The secret to Self Mastery involves learning how to communicate with our heart and open the doors of perception to the Infinite Potential of the Universal Consciousness deep within us. This program will offer some very easy tools and techniques that will open your heart and your mind to all the amazing gifts and abilities of the universe. The basic course will be a ten step program with regular group meditations and support to assist everyone to open their heart to all the amazing gifts of the universe.

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