Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Real Meditation is Becoming more Conscious

Real Meditation is an automatic response of consciousness. It is never done by the mind. When you learn Fulfillment Meditation, the meditation response is triggered, consciousness expands and becomes more alert while the body becomes more efficient and more relaxed. As our consciousness expands, the brain becomes more synchronized and full of electricity. Meditation activates higher brain functions that allow us to process information faster and perceive things we normally don’t notice.

When our consciousness really wakes up, our brain, nervous system and our body function at their maximum capacity. If we are just closing our eyes, the brain, nervous system and body remain the same and never change. Higher consciousness equals higher brain function and more efficient physiological activity. More consciousness equals more clear perception and deeper insight.
We are born with so many abilities that seem miraculous. Only when our consciousness becomes more electric during meditation will we discover the true blessing of being human. Human life is a great blessing when we open our consciousness to our Inner Universe. The challenges in our life can easily be solved when we are more perceptive.

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