Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Messages from our Inner Universe

The universe is sending signals to you every moment. Messages from the universe come as pulses of energy, love and light that radiate through your soul and every cell of your body. The mind is usually so busy and so active that we never notice.
When we want a message, our mind focuses too strongly and looks for detailed information about what to do. The more we want a clear message the harder it is to receive it. The more we look for the message, the more confusion arises in our mind and we get frustrated.

The pulse of the universe is moving from the quiet center of your Inner Consciousness. You have to relax and let it rise up naturally as a gentle whisper from deep inside of you. Don’t focus, just relax and tune in. As the pulse comes into your soul and into your body, you will get a signal or a sign similar to a wave of light or a sense of goodness and rightness. Trust that this is a message to move forward with what you are wanting. If nothing comes or it is vague, then wait. Do not proceed until you get a good feeling from inside to move forward.
You must practice tuning into the silence. Learn to listen to the pulse and avoid thinking too much to figure it out. In time the message will get more clear and your ability to receive a more elaborate message will come. Learning to be sensitive to our Inner Universe takes time and patience. Your mind wants to control everything. We all must learn that our mind cannot control this universe, but we can tune in and find the pulse that shows us which way to go. With practice your Inner Sensitivity will improve and you will receive the messages that you need every time you need it.

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