Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ That Which is Closest to the Truth Lasts Longest in Time

The most powerful Shrines and Temples were originally created on a Vortex of Energy also known as a Power Spot. The Ancients recognized these Power Spots and built their Temples or Shrines there in harmony with the energy of the land. Usually the buildings were constructed according to the four directions of the compass with the entrance to the East. In this way the building would radiate Life Force to the surrounding environment enhancing the prosperity of the people and the fertility of the land. These sacred places would continue to be valued by the people for many generations and the people were happy.
If the building was not constructed on a Vortex of Energy, the people would lose interest and the building would be eventually abandoned. This is the way of the universe. It is also the way of our thoughts and desires. When we have empty thoughts created only from mind, our desires will not manifest and we feel disappointed. But if our thoughts are in harmony with the universe and have strong feelings from our heart, then the universe and our environment feel our desire and help it to materialize.

Temples, Shrines and our own thoughts when in harmony with the flow of Life Force will continue to support us in everything we do. The power of these places and our own desires do not come from the building or the logic of our mind. The real manifesting power of everything in this universe comes from the Life Force of the Universe that moves through them. In the case of the Shrine or Temple, the real power is in the location of a Vortex of Energy that was there before the building was constructed and will continue to respond to our desires as long as we honor them and give them our love and appreciation.
This is a time of revival of the ancient spirit of appreciation for the forces of Nature that once existed in the land and the people who lived there. When we give our love to these places and support the energy that is there, prosperity will return to the people and the land will provide us with all the elements that our life requires for a good and harmonious life in the world.

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