Friday, June 5, 2015

Valerie Donner ~ personal message and sharing

Dear Ground Crew,

         My head is swelling with the amount of information that I could share with you. First, I just returned from spending time with Amma, the hugging saint. She is from India and hugs millions of people around the world. Fortunately, she has an ashram here in the San Francisco bay area where she comes twice a year.

Today she talked about the forces of darkness and the need to send prayers for peace to the mountains, rivers, lakes, everywhere on the planet. In meditation she had us visualize the petals of white flowers raining the peaceful energies. She mentioned potential cataclysmic disaster energy. Usually she does not talk like this according to those who follow her regularly.

This information tracks with what some scientists are telling us about potential earth changes. In fact, one scientist is predicting a five day window from June 1 to June 5 when a big event could occur. The Ring of Fire is awakening. He is watching the west coast of the U.S. where the Axial Seamount Volcano is located. This area has a shelf like the area in Indonesia where they had the big tsunami in 2004. This undersea volcano has not erupted for 300 or 400 years when many people lost their lives. It is 300 miles from the coast of Oregon. There was a 5.8 earthquake in the area on June 1. They are watching southern California too along with many other places on the earth right now. Please watch this six minute video if you are interested.

On June 2, From ENE News TV: Scientists warning of mass die-off along California coast — Official: Seafloor littered with dead fish, washing up “as far as I could see” — Toxin has spread all up and down West Coast — Experts: “Very, very unusual…” This reminds me of how important it is for us to pay attention to what the animals are doing. Sometimes they are messengers prior to big events. They seem to know when to leave.

The Thrive Movement with Foster and Kimberlee Gamble are having a special Global Financial Update that you won’t see on mainstream news. They have recently returned from travels where they said that significant shifts are taking place and they will impact all of us. They will share: What’s happening between America and the rest of the world? What predictions has become reality? What should we be looking out for to protect ourselves? You can register for this special on-line conference for June 6, at Noon Pacific time,

Astrologically, with Saturn going retrograde June 15 for three months and the impending fourth blood moon the end of September, we are being catalyzed to into taking action. Since action is necessary we can’t drag our feet in resistance. We must step forward to stay in sync with change. We are receiving manifold support from the earth, planets, the Light Realms, and our Creator. It’s exciting.

We are learning to be in the now moment and to live with uncertainty. I like to call it “mastering the mystery.” Part of these times is about embracing the unknown. We are the co-creators of our New Earth. It’s what we came here to do. We are stepping more into our true roles. This will continue for the next seven years according to a Vedic astrologer.
There is a powerful grand new Light that arrived in April. The Vedic astrologer said it took over 9,000 years for this Light to get here. New portals of Light are opening around the planet. A huge portal opened in Nepal with the big earthquake. Another portal is supposed to be opening in Chile.

As Lightworkers it behooves us and the planet to work with the Light and the Matrix of Love. These energies can help shift the old patterns of darkness that need to be shed right now. The more we work with these energies the sooner we can co-create our New Earth. The divine plan is in action.

I hope you will get the book “The Transfiguration of the World,” by Gordon Davidson. He has a good pulse on what Lightworkers can do to help. The book is inspiring and invigorating for us to work with the new Light energies and frequencies. Towards this end, we are defeating the dark forces. They know this and know they are on their way out.

Every day I read a short chapter in this book. Yesterday I read about the “Key to the Unique Purpose of the Earth.” According to Gordon Davidson, “One of the factors in the Transfiguration is understanding the function of silica in the unfoldment of human consciousness on earth. Silica has certain transmitting properties because it can hold energy, and then release it in appropriate pulses to transmit information.

“It is the basis of the silicon chip which has transformed modern human life and communication. Earth itself also has a high percentage of silica/quartz in its geological makeup, and thus the planet as a whole has the capacity to receive and transmit energy.
“This is the key to its ultimate purpose, which is to be a receiving, storage and transmitting station for higher energies from many dimensions and galaxies and then transmitting these to the entire solar system and galaxy.

“Humanity is intended to develop the capacity to link with the galactic communications network through frequency attunement with the soul and higher spiritual contacts. . .”
He recommends that we use quartz crystals in our meditations and to purify our consciousness with compassion for all beings. We have big job, ground crew. We are connected to the Central Sun at the galactic core which is a portal to other worlds and dimensions and to the galaxy.

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