Friday, August 8, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Rainbow Bridge

Saint Germaine was still moving through me yesterday when I spoke via Skype to the physical incarnation of Lady Portia in Belgium. She has been guided to go to Glastonbury, England today. There she will meet with other powerful Lightworkers and begin ceremony at the sacred pyramid shaped mountain called the Tor.
The Tor has been famous for over two thousand years as a place of ancient energy. The women of Avalon have done ceremonies there to wake up the power of Mother Earth.
As the Full Moon approaches Lady Portia and the others will begin construction of a Rainbow Bridge linking the Tor to the great goddess Mt. Fuji.

This Rainbow Bridge will make the final link between the old Avalon in Glastonbury with the new Avalon that is waking up in Japan.
I feel very honored that I was in the right place at the right time to participate in this transmission from Saint Germaine to his beloved Twin Flame Lady Portia.
As the Rainbow Bridge is created, the light will pass over all of Europe, Tibet, China and finally touch down at Mt. Fuji. This is the first ceremony of its kind in a very long time. Now the Avalon energy will pass freely and smoothly between the twin land masses of Great Britain and Japan.
The Rainbow Bridge will link the Lightworkers of England and Europe to the Lightworkers in Japan so we can all work together to assist Mother Earth during this incredible time of transformation.
Let us all hold the vision of this Rainbow Bridge in our hearts for the next few days and help Lady Portia to create it!
Thank you everyone! May Mother Earth feel our love and our promises to help create a better future for all!

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