Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Tonight Love Your Inner Child and Feel Better

Some days are just difficult. At the end of the day we feel tired and disappointed and go to sleep like that. We just want to forget about the day and get to sleep hoping that tomorrow will be better. But there is something we can do to feel better tonight!
Somewhere deep inside of you there is a child who needs your love. This is your own Inner Child. When you feel tired and disappointed, your Inner Child feels disappointed too. You may be an adult and think its all ok if I just go to sleep, but your Inner Child wants to feel better. So just before you go to sleep, get in the bed and imagine that your Inner Child is there beside you. Reach out your arms and hold this child that is the little you. Tell the child how much you love it. Say the words out loud, “I love you! Don’t worry about what happened today. We all have problems sometimes. It doesn’t matter. I still love and support you!”

Holding your child in your arms and going to sleep with love for this child will heal your unresolved feelings. Tonight before you go to sleep, tell your Inner Child how much you love it. Sleep in Peace and wake up refreshed to a new day with new opportunities for you to enjoy.

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