Monday, September 28, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

Today is a very powerful blood moon eclipse just around the autumn equinox. This is the forth eclipse in a row (six lunar months apart). That makes this day a very powerful life changer. It seems that this year we are being challenged to make important changes in our life. Changes that normally we might resist. If you have resisted making the changes you know you need to make, this weekend will be very challenging. Don’t worry! It is all for your own good. These are changes that will help your life to be lifted to a higher level of consciousness and positive shifts in the way you feel.

The moon always brings internal changes. It pushes us from the inside rather than challenging us through external events. Although sometimes when we have resisted making the change to our life, the universe will push us from the outside to make sure we get the message!
Relax and tune in. Remember that you asked the universe to help you to change your life and get on with actualizing your spiritual realizations. Remember what you asked for and take the steps to fulfill it. When you sit to meditate, ask the universe to help you to let go of what ever you have resisted and move into your new life by opening your heart to your next level of consciousness. More love and more happiness is coming. You only have to take a step and the door will open.

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