Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bob Fickes ~Taking Your Steps

Travelling across America has been wonderful. Even though we made a few wrong turns, it was all a great adventure and we are experiencing so many wonderful things. Estes Park has changed so much after 45 years! We got lost a few times and when I went to the place where I had teacher training I couldn’t recognize the place where I had stayed for two months in deep meditation. But the adventure was fantastic.

In America we don’t worry about making mistakes. The most important thing is to at least try to do what we desire. If we don’t try, we never achieve the experience. It’s all an adventure!
We are not born into this life with perfect knowledge. They say that a baby is born naked without any preparation for life. When the baby first tries to walk, it falls down many times before its legs are strong enough to stand up and walk. If the baby gives up, it will never walk. Every American is happy to see us take the steps to improve our self and continue to experience the great adventure of being alive. When someone makes a mistake, Americans never judge but are happy to see that we took the step and did our best. If we never try, Americans wonder why we didn’t at least try to do it. The disappointment is not about the mistake. The disappointment is why didn’t you try!

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