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BLOOD MOON: Your Vulnerability Key - Equinox Eclipsing

We are reeling and whirling from Retrograde Eclipse-Window Equinox weekend, spun and spiraled in the passionate tango of Love (that doesn’t necessarily feel like love) and the blaze of creative collaborative soul contracts – we are here, we are now, swimming in the tides of this beautiful and powerful Blood Moon, with little or no time for sleep!

Surprisingly, the best and only way through it all is to let yourself be overwhelmed as your vulnerability is the key to unlock the magic of this Mystery. If you are restless, frustrated and not sleeping, these energies are doing their work to bring surrender – the ultimate resignation of all control – moving you into the terrifying place of not knowing or understanding what is happening. 

The ultimate goal of spirit in concert with the planetary cosmic frequency is to shift your perspective towards embracing change, letting go of what you know, allowing the new to envelope you. Scary good!

And: ‘In the Light of Love We are Whole’
ASTRONOMY: Sunday’s Lunar Eclipse appears drenched in amber-red, thus the name Blood Moon.  It will be visible entirely in the Eastern U.S. and partially in Central and Western U.S.  Time in MTN zone is Sept. 27th at 6:47 pm until 11:23 pm, with maximum at 8:47pm

This is the fourth Blood Moon in a series of 4 spanning 2014-2015 and this ‘tetrad’ – 4 lunar eclipses in a row: April 15, 2014, Oct 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and Sept 28, 2015 - has not occurred for 300 years.

It means we are at a critical juncture in time and its effects will last this whole year and its ramifications will influence the next 300 years!

The Blood Moon - this South Node Lunar Eclipse—is about culmination and completion; the potency of soul is unleashed and dramatic emotions released.  We filter all our experiences up to this point and realize our lack, urging us to desire more fulfillment and fruition.

Because Lunar Eclipses are like Full Moons on steroids, they highlight polarity within and without, but the mirror of relationship is polished especially bright when highlighted by the Aries-Libra axis.

Sunday Sept 27th, 2015, the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries manifests the emotional need for autonomy, the respect for one’s personal independence and freedom.  Yet Mercury Retrograde in Libra exactly opposite this Moon crowns us all in indecision, delay, and reversible thinking.  If we do not decide, are we still declaring our truth? Conundrum equals frustration! We struggle with the urge to just run away rather than bask in the brilliant light of our own shadow’s reflection?

The bottom line is: This cascading configuration is a recipe for emotional motivation, reminding us of the need for an aggressive acceptance of what is, and for the most daring levels of transparency.  And even though we may feel blindfolded, only our fearless forward leaps will save us.

When confronting the unknown and unexpected, the innovative genius awakens to inspire, lead, teach and vitally live each moment.  You must embody your philosophy and be willing to take leaps of faith, knowing your hand is lovingly held, gently guided by those who have braved the leap before, and you can do it, together.

The first of this Aries-Libra series of eclipses occurred in October, 2013.  For the last 19 months, the cosmos has forced us to weave the paradoxical dynamic of the Aries-Libra nodes—the more freedom my partners allow me, the more I can develop both a healthy relationship with myself and with The Others, with the Inner and Outer Beloved.
And yet, circumstances have forced us to ask: Have I been Aries - ‘doing it all alone,” or have I been too focused and dependent on supporting the other—Libra? Conundrum with a psychic twist!
Holding on leads to expectation, but allowance and surrender to What Is facilitates the path of evolution unfolding according to a higher orchestrated plan. This is our delicate Libra dance of ‘Thy will be done’ - the path of least resistance, the doing which is non-doing.

And: ‘In the Light of Love We Heal and Sing’
Be intentional. Remember, we are all in this together.  Astrology is simply a language to explain the unexplainable, i.e. emotions. Reach out to yourself, steady yourself, look in the mirror – what’s bothering you, deep down inside. When you’ve figured yourself out, then reach out to those you love and be honest AND then let them be honest back. Sometimes just knowing there is an explanation for the unexplainable is very comforting and helps us find common ground for healing our hearts.

Head’s up: For those born with the Nodes in Libra and Aries such as those born in 1959, 1969, 1978, 1987 will feel this eclipse dynamically in their lives. Also, remember celestial events cover a 3 day window. You may have been ‘feeling’ these intense energies before the actual event, during it and days later. Hang in there!

If you need support, I’m happy to help! Learn more about your chart and book a consult here.

Remember that patience is the number one challenge for an Aries moon.  Lacking tact but conquering indecisions, Aries is all about personal truth and authentic living, as opposed to the strategic diplomacy of Libra.
And yet as hard as it may be, Libra patience is necessary now, and with the potency of the Lunar Eclipse coupled with Mercury Retrograde, we are being tested to allow the powerful feelings to arise, while not rushing in to rash action.  Remembering that Saturn (Chronos) is exalted in Libra, only Time will Tell, and only Compassion will Heal.

‘Love is the Way Home’

Climbing the rigorous steps of self-within
The ardent clear-eyed adventurer begins

Finding pillars of support in token
Acknowledging what has been unspoken
For the authentic-self awakening beseeches
What is this tether that holds me insidiously?

The Eclipsing Blood Moon sheds its truth
Of Soul contracts made beyond space and time
Those precious alchemical blood relationships
Are surfacing for mutual creative resolution

What is ending now has completed its cycle
On evolutionary roaring waves of catharsis
Life yearns for aggressive acceptance
In the most daring levels of transparency

Transforming sacred soul covenants, now
Creating new expressions of kinship, now
Though blindfolded & weary of the unknown
Only fearless forward flights of faith will free now

We are the soaring glowing bodies of divine spark
The bloodline of I AM, is infused in our roots!
Raising each other’s lanterns to the stars
As Soul’s are soaring on wings of freeing faith
~Teresa Scott

Although this is Copyright © 2015 ReGenesis Inc, All rights are totally released

TAKE THE WORDS AS YOUR OWN, As, there is no ownership in spirit only 
oneness!  Teresa

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