Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lauren C Gorgo ~ Final Blood Moon: anchoring unity creation

Happy belated equinox dear people of HEART!
We may have merely survived another season of ascension, but the one that follows promises to be unlike ANY other…in the history of everness.
When I sat down to transcribe this report, the first words that entered my mind were: “The new world consciousness begins now.”  

If you are not feeling the truth of that already, you will soon enuf. We all have our own perfect, unique, divine timing…one that dovetails into the perfection of our lives, relationships and personal creations. Aka, ALL is well.
If you’re reading this than you already know that September is and has been a HUGE, supercharged month of majorly shifting tides.  For some, a life-changing ‘event is on the horizon’, for others a deeper call to full truth, but for ALL…whether conscious or not…a turning point is definitely on tap.
Certainly there is a wholelotta colorful hype about what this upcoming final blood moon heralds for humanity, but just like when 2012 came and went, these events are never what we conjure up in our heads.
That is definitely not to say that amazing, unspeakable gifts of goodness won’t befall us…in fact, this is already happening for some…it’s just that these waves of energy don’t affect everyone in the same way, at the same time.
In the world of causality, the interpretations are spanning the gamut in the usual, polarizing ways…from the common “mass rapture” talk at one end, to the always popular doom & gloom theories at the other.
This is pretty typical aggrandizement for duality, where the separated mind tends to gravitate toward extremes…but we know better.  We know that in unity, the truth is always somewhere in the middle and solely contingent on Self…on how much LOVE we can hold in our HEARTs and how much light we can carry in our cells.
We know that in 5D, that is the only gauge we ever have for how we experience anything.
Yes, we are all receiving this energy…no, not everyone is ready to utilize it. Yes, this energy will change things in the world around us in grandiose ways…no, it will not be immediate. The point is that the unified heart-mind is unconcerned with “what will happen out there” knowing that the creation of worlds is all an inside job. (And yes, that includes things like: the global economy.)  Those who get that concept, and employ it consistently and without fail, are those who are ready to benefit immediately from this serious boost of Source.
Speaking of which, and moving deeper into the second eclipse/blood super moon combo, there is absolutely a brand new, fully tangible, never-before-experienced frequency being delivered to us as I write this, resulting in a tremendous momentum of creation energy brought forth to the planet.  It has been pulsing thru us since the solar eclipse and, from what I am told, will span the rest of this year and beyond…most notably from (September) equinox to (March) equinox of 2016…but we are in the thick of it right now, rising to the crescendo point.
And tho I say that it is being “delivered to us”, the starry folk remind me that while this energy wave is seemingly arriving from a Source outside of ourselves (ie, the galactic center) that we need to keep the holographic and empowered perspective that it is in fact coming FROM us, not TO us in the sense that we ourselves…aka, the Source inside of us…is heralding it. From the (3D) outside-in perspective it looks and feels as tho this energy is coming into our hearts when in actuality…from the (5D) inside-out perspective…it is our awakened hearts that is actually calling it forth.
Simple perspective shift, profound difference…and one we must maintain to create in unity, where there is no separation between Self and Source.
This fortified, effervescent frequency is bringing with it many things known and unknown…but of the most pressing, according to our star kin and therefore the focus of this article, is our return to creator God status.
Back in the July report the Pleiadians mentioned that moving into August (via the lion’s gate) we would be reconnecting with our magic powers…cultivating creativity to the point that we may actually be able to DO something with it.  What they failed to mention, however (and likely on purpose), was the eruption of old energy around creation that would emerge for mass clearing. 😳
So, soon after the 888 gateway you may have definitely been throttled by a good ole fashioned dust-up of old unresolved/unLOVEd feelings around your creator power/powerlessness and purpose…ie, whether or not you feel in command of your life, of sustaining yourself solely on the merit of BEing GOD.  This may have been served with a side dish of poverty thinking (for review), or at the least, a moment to reassess where you sit now on the prosperity-lack continuum.
BUT, beneath those old stories, and the extent to which you are willing/able to let go-move on…is a beautiful new consistent flow of (unity) creation that is steady and ready to take those prepared to the heights of sustainable creative bliss.
You may be already be feeling this creative fire beginning to burn inside of you in ways you haven’t felt since before 2012…aka, since before all of our focus was on the monumental and unforgiving task of clearing out the lower body system in preparation for ensoulment.  The best part is…depending on how clear your vessel…the momentum of this creative surge is going to continue to build as we all power up individually, and then spread this LOVE thru the grids. As the grid pulses with this concentrated Source frequency (think: 100th monkey) it enables more and more people to awaken, to bump up, to receive new creative orders (downloads from our spiritual blueprints) for exciting, purposeful new earth endeavors.
Again, if you are not feeling the ecstasy of said vibration, don’t fret. The point, as always, is that it’s here-now and available for everyONE and ALL who consciously choose to do what it takes to embody it. There is no rush, and this is not a race.  We have a very long, exciting road ahead, so pace yourself.  We know full-well the encompassing journey of purification-to-embodiment and it is never something worth expediting…or trying to.
It’s like the Seven Sisters of Pleiades once said:  “The point isn’t where you are on the journey, it’s that you’re on it at all.”  
Cosmically speaking, this is beyond an exciting time…it is something we won’t be able to wrap our brains around in totality yet, but rest assured it is everything we are here for, everything we worked toward is happening now. And as we move into the fullness of the new/unified creation energy, those ready (those who have completed the karmic recycling program) will experience a “clicking into place” as the first group of souls moves deep into the flow of all good things…without a paddle!
There is a leap required, and you will know it when it presents, but don’t hesitate because that step in faith will quickly be replaced by the tremendous magnetic support of your universe.
Are you ready to finally and fully PLAY with passion, purpose & potential to live and LOVE limitlessly?
It’s GO time.
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