Saturday, September 5, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ A Message from Kannon

Blessings Dear Ones! I Am Kannon. I come to you today to bring you my love and my blessings. The world today is full of challenges as you climb the mountain to your Enlightenment. The mountain is the place of higher vision. It is a place where you can see everything without distraction. Climbing the mountain is never a straight path. It winds and twists its way up the mountain until you reach your goal.
Dear Ones! We are here to help you. We will lift you up when you fall down. We will send our love power when you are confused and despondent. We will hold you in our arms when you are filled with doubt and need more love to get you going again.

Dear Ones! You are never alone. We are always with you though you may not notice our presence. We love you more than you know. We love you because you are the first generation of souls to climb the mountain and change not only your self but have enough compassion to desire to change your world. We support you always. When you need us the most and desire to change your life, we will be there to help you.
Dear Ones! We love you and support you always. We do not have the power to change your world. We can only inspire you and help you if you take your steps. Remember Dear Ones we can only help you if you take a step. Then we appear with all our love power to guide your heart in the direction of Benevolence and Compassion.
I Am Kannon, the Mother of Compassion. I give you my love in abundance. I am with you now and forever! Blessings to You! I Am Kannon.

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