Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Waves of Love

We talk about waves of love emanating from the heart but can’t imagine that this can be a tangible experience rippling from our heart in powerful waves of energy. During the Love Mantra Course in Minneapolis many people felt very strong waves of energy peacefully moving from their heart through their body and out into the world.
The experience of Cosmic Love is actually very peaceful and gentle like a refreshing breeze that moves through our heart to heal our body and bring peace and love to our soul. The deeper we relax into Inner Peace and float in the Silence, the more powerful the waves that start to surge through us. Many people on this course have been meditating for over ten years, but the experience of surges of love energy expanding from the heart was even felt by people who had never meditated.

By the end of the course everyone was laughing and hugging each other with genuine feelings of love and joy. When they invited me to come back again as soon as I could, it brought tears to my eyes. Really I did nothing but do an activation of the Love Mantra. What happened after that came naturally from their deep experiences in meditation. I felt so honored to be with them and see their joy, and so happy to feel the warmth of their friendship and sincere desire to share more with me in the future. Waves of Love are radiating around the world and it is wonderful to feel that we can share this love with each other and produce a positive blessing for the future of Mother Earth. Thank you to the universe for such a special gift!

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