Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ You are the Consciousness of the Universe Already

We spend so much of our time trying to be somebody or trying to do something right, that we forget to be who we naturally are. We are a wave on the ocean of Consciousness, a wave on the ocean of Universal Love. We put so much attention on the wave of our appearance in this world that we forget to look deeper inside where we can connect to the ocean that we come from. Meditation changes our perspective from the activity of the wave to noticing and experiencing the silent ocean inside of us.

Today we started the Love Mantra Course in Minneapolis. When we finished meditation, I asked everyone what they felt. One lady said, “I felt very deep and silent. But I felt normal! And when you asked us to come out of meditation I couldn’t come out. I still felt that same normal deep silence. Are we really supposed to come out of meditation?”
I laughed! The ocean inside of us is not strange or far away, it is our normal true nature. Once we discover it we don’t want to come out! We want to remain in that deep silent Normal state! The wave can come and go, but the ocean goes on forever. When we are only conscious of the activity of the wave, we loose sight of the ocean that is inside of us. This ocean of silence is the foundation, the very center of our consciousness.
Once you experience that big ocean of silence and deep feeling of love, continue to notice that and don’t worry about what you need to do in this life. Just be the ocean and let it move through you. The ocean is never wrong. This is the ocean of the universe. It is the source of all life and all love. It will guide your heart and move through your body/mind to do whatever is truly needed. Share that peace and love with people around you and everyone will be happy.

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