Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Helping Mother Earth to Heal

Mother Earth is just like a child. When a child is sick, the parents give love and that helps the child to get well. The more love we can give the faster and easier the healing process for the child. We can help Mother Earth to heal by sending her love. The move love we can give her, the faster she will heal.
This month there are two eclipses: a solar eclipse that happened on the 13th and a total lunar eclipse that will take place on the 27th. An eclipse brings up energy that is from the past. It is a time to send love and light to help the old energy to be released.

The Lunar Eclipse is a time when the women of the Earth can do a cleansing for their body, for their children and for the Earth. It is a time for meditation and a time to be close to Nature. Going deep within your self and moving love from your root chakra to the heart chakra will help Mother Earth to dissolve discomfort that has the potential to create another disturbance in the form of a natural calamity.
In the ancient times the women would gather together on the full moon holding hands and dancing to the rhythm of the universe. Because the full moon will also be a blood moon coinciding with a total eclipse of the moon, this is an ideal time for the women to prepare a sacred ceremony for the healing of Mother Earth. Gather together with your friends and give her healing love in the same way as you would give love to your children. If many women around the world can do this, a great blessing will occur and Mother Earth will be happy. Let our hearts swell with love and send this energy deep into the very center of the Earth. This is a magical time and the women of the world have the power to transform the old energy into Light and Love.

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