Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Message From Lady Master Purity

Beloved Friends in the Light, I Am Lady Master Purity.
I welcome you in the Light of Love and the Crystal Flame of Purity.
Many of you have felt the change that is moving across the Earth. The Flame of Purity creates the Crystal Pyramid of the new Consciousness. It is this Crystal Ray that removes all the old styles of thinking and behaving so you can see more clearly and embody the highest level of Consciousness.

Perhaps you are struggling with the old memories and habits of your present life and worried that the problems you are facing can never change. But, Dear Ones, this is all the action of Divine Purity. Purity is the architect of your new Consciousness. We are here to help you. Whatever you are feeling now will soon come to a close. This is the beginning of new vision and an entirely new way to see your life as a living Master of Light and Love.
Without Purity you will return to your old ways eventually, no matter how good you try to be. Let go, Dear Ones. Let go. The troubles that confront you now are only a shadow from your past. Let go and let the new Crystal frequencies empower you to see more clearly. Within the cycles of the coming Full Moon you will receive a Heart Crystal composed of Pure Light.
You cannot see this Flame of Purity. It is your own true self. You will know that it has come through good deeds and change of habits. Your life will become saturated with Divine Purity and the old habits will no longer hold fast to you. Let Go Dear Ones and allow the frequencies of Purity to wake up.
Whatever you have been doing, proclaim the following affirmation:
“I Am Divine Purity. I Am free of the past now and hereby let go of my old habits. I Am breathing the Divine Purity in everything I do. I Am Clear and I Am Present. May my own Purity overcome the pull of the past and set me free!”

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