Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Miracles Do Happen!

We had another beautiful day high in the Rocky Mountains. While we were visiting another friend, we met a man who told me a fantastic story. He said that last year he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctor told him it was in the last stage so he only had two weeks to live. Then he decided to change his life and on the day he was in his worst condition, he got what he called his Satori. He moved to a cabin in the mountains at an elevation of 3500 meters, drank pure water from a natural spring and ate organic foods. It has been 16 months and every week he is getting stronger and more healthy.
When I looked at his energy, I could not see death in his body anywhere. He is just one more example of how consciousness can change our condition in life and restore the natural health to our body vehicle. He is happy and I suspect will have a long life for many years in the future.

His heart is open to living life with joy and compassion and shares his story with many people to bring them hope. The universe is an amazing place and full of surprises that show us that life is more than physical reality leads us to believe. Life tomorrow comes from what we think today. If we feel love and life with all our heart, even the most difficult challenges can become a wonderful gift.

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