Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Patience and Humility

Patience and humility are the greatest of all human virtues. We can only have patience and humility when our heart is full of love.
Love is the fundamental quality of our Cosmic Heart. The only reason we don’t feel humility or patience is because our mind is driving us to be responsible. Responsibility is our imagination. We think we are the cause of everything and want to be responsible to do the right thing. But when we follow our mind and try to be more responsible, the love in our heart cannot guide us. True responsibility is in the hands of the universe. When we tune in to our heart we also tune in to the mighty flow of love that guides everything in this universe.

Trust your heart and go with the flow. When you do that the universe can move through you and love appears as our support and our guide. We do not act responsibly when we follow the limited view of our ego/mind. We can only do what looks right today but turns out to be a mistake tomorrow. Follow your heart and be patient and humble, then the guidance of the heart can move through you and the universe is happy. Which is better: do what the world around you says today or follow your heart and produce a better tomorrow? The heart knows what the mind cannot understand. Follow the heart and enjoy.
We cannot follow our heart when we are proud or when we act without tuning in. Be patient and be humble. Let go of what is responsible and do what the heart sweetly tells you is the best way to proceed.

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