Saturday, September 12, 2015

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ I am Sophia

I am Sophia, I am the breath of creation.  I bring within my words and energies a fulfillment that comes not from the substance of earth, but from the Stars. I ask you to taste the sweetness that you are as you kiss the lips of God. I ask you to taste the sweetness that was destined to be your life before you chose the conflict. Come forth into the fullness of your power in this hour of light. Do not wait a fortnight; do not wait another day until the timing is correct in your perceptions. For in the scheme of universal knowledge and the schematics of universal light, there is but this moment. In this moment you need to fill yourself with all that you want to be. Do not talk of what you shall accomplish one day, but fulfill that accomplishment within your mind, within the pictures of your heart and the pictures of your word in this moment, this thought.  You will find that as you speak, a gentle hum is heard in your heart as it begins to vibrate with truth so fast that music is created. These are not heart palpitations but the sound of love that hums through the caverns of your being.

I am She that was whispered into existence by the mouth of God. I am sometimes seen as Shekinah, the holy breath, the Holy Spirit. I am feminine of nature, but not always depicted as such. I come forth with the vibration and the teachings of the ancient order of the Magdalene. You birth a New World on this day by believing. You birth a great white hope that lives so deeply in your cell memory that you have not yet seen it in your world. You birth on this day a completion as you spiral and dance around all layers and faces of your soul and of yourself finally landing in climax within the oceans of your being. I am that which is yet to be found within you. I am the sacred feminine that you seek but do not always see reflected in the mirror of your life. I am the sacred face of the feminine light of God and I come to heal you as I come to birth myself.

It is time for you to celebrate everything about you.  For every one of you is a strand in the tapestry of the cloak of light. The doorway opens for you to see and to celebrate. Your life needs to be a celebration of who you want to be and who you know you are.
Shred the weather coatings that you wear as protection and allow your glorious beautiful self to be seen. Do not be afraid of your emotions or your angers or your passions. Do not be afraid of your wild hair days.  If you would sound my name in your heart, it will help you to heal.  it comes as an elixir.  Say my name softly to yourself – Sophia — Sophia – Sophia. Does it not soothe the thorns of your being? For in that sound is a memory and in that memory there is a great healing.

I thank you for being who you are. You have never allowed others to break your spirit even though there were times when you teetered very close to that. Do not allow anyone to take your heart. You can give it all that you want, but do not let others take your dreams or your desires. Give and give and give. That is the doorway to the greatest healing of all. Invite me in I will escort you thru passageways that you have forgotten. Run bare-footed in the temples of your past. Allow me to escort you into a place of completion. I am Sophia. 


  1. What a greatv BLOG; Sophia-Sophia-Sophia!!!!!