Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Wakeup Call

This has been a wonderful year for activating the heart and lifting Global Consciousness more into the Light. But throughout this year I have also been feeling a deep rumbling inside Mother Earth. Over the past three months I felt a very strong potential for another natural disaster before the end of this year. Of course memories of the 2011 Tsunami kept rising up in my consciousness. Now those memories have come to life again with the recent flooding in the same area as the tsunami. What is the message here? We are doing our work and opening our hearts to more love and light, so why is this happening?

Love is not just something we send with our hearts. True love also needs to be expressed through action and moving with the flow of the universe. Activating true love also means opening our consciousness to necessary transformation. With each step of higher consciousness and opening to more love and light, there are also more steps that we need to take to change our life and change our world.
The recent flooding in the same area of Japan as the 2011 Tsunami is a big message. A little over a week ago three million people gathered in Tokyo to demonstrate against the current policies of the government particularly its policy on the military and nuclear power. The news media was censored and most people were not aware of this demonstration. Now Mother Earth creates major flooding that forced over 100,000 people from their homes in the same area very close to the nuclear power plant that was broken in 2011.
Mother Earth is not punishing. She is crying out for the people to hear her. The message is clear. We need to transform our life on Earth to be more in harmony with nature. Nuclear Power is not in harmony with nature. Mother Earth has sent us two strong messages about this.
We were lucky this time: for all the flooding there was very little loss of life and no danger to the Nuclear Power plant. But this was a wakeup call to demonstrate our love for Mother Earth and ask for the governments all over the world to change their directions and be more in harmony with Nature and the true needs of the rising consciousness of the people.
This weekend I will be activating the Love Mantra for the first time in America. Please join us as we meditate and send love to Mother Earth. Thank you.

The Love Mantra Workshop in Minneapolis

September 11 to 13
U of M Continuing Education and Conference Center, St. Paul Campus, Room 135BD 1890 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN
Handicap Accessible, 200 people Maximum.
For more information please contact Rob Ring at

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