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Konstantinos: Messages from the Cosmic Order of the Infinite #2

July 29, 2013 by kp40

[Hello dear friends and readers. It's been some time since my 'last' post of channeled messages through me. I was busy with school exams, working on matters of sending samples of my work to the abroad, dealing with personal issues and challenges and of course, being on vacations for 3 days, from July 6th till July 9th.

Before I move on with this post, I'd love to share my sighting experience that I had during my holidays, on July 6th 2013. For more details, you can view the sketch below.

Now, I'm going to present the second part of the messages of a collective that became known to me, some time ago, as ' the Cosmic Order of the Infinite'. For those who would like to view the first part of their messages, here is a link:


The second part follows.]

Tuesday June 25th 2013

22. There is not only black and white. There are also gradations between them. The short-sighted and definite perspective has as its base, the ignorance and as its pickaxe, the expanded Ego. As a result, this kind of perspective ignores the variety of the colors and the attributes of the stones by separating them in precious and unworthy . The key lies in the unity that results from the deep understanding of all sides, not in their separation.

23. War is the title of the play, flags are the sceneries, the opposite sides are the puppets and the offstage instigators are the puppet masters, who use words and ideas as the bait for the unsuspected and brainwashed fishes. There is nothing ‘heroic’ or ‘patriotic’ to the killing between brothers.

Thursday June 27th 2013

24. Love with conditions and limits, the exclusive Love, is no real Love. It is no Love at all. An opinion accompanied by a position that is based on the well balanced use of Wisdom, then yes, that is Love. Because Love and Wisdom go hand in hand.

Wednesday July 3rd 2013

25. The ultimate intensity of the Love Force is the base of the power of Acceptance. Acceptance could be viewed as a way of Light’s resistance to the Dark. Though in reality, there is no resistance but just the thrust from Dark’s part because of its weakness across its opposite. Then, follows the Dark’s transformation and unification with its source: the Light Itself.

Thursday July 4th 2013

26. Each one carries infinite facets and their holders are infinite too. But regardless how multilateral and numerous can the forms be, all has a common base: the eternal circle of creative thought and manifestation, the Prima Materia.

27. Simplicity is the common stair of the insider and the uninitiated one. With the difference that for the insider, simplicity has a broader breadth and consequently, it contains sides that for the uninitiated one can be complicated.

28. Listen traveller. The bell that is ringing calls you to the mountain of reminder.

29. The provision of Wisdom is constant. But since the conscious part of human is aware of the illusion of time, receives only ‘excerpts’ as a consquence of the not so often or unconscious exercise of some of his/her inner abilities.

Monday July 22nd 2013

30. What or who is the wise man/woman? Wise is the person that does not need to speak in order to prove because his/her life itelf is a proof of a more solid ground. The wise person will not compel but he/she will suggest. He/she will not create guilt, but motif. He/she will not abandon the seeker in the darkness, but he/she will guide the seeker through the Light of the seeker’s awakening.

31. Embrace the negativity without taking its side and through that way, through your Acceptance, negativity will reverse its pole and it will become its opposite.

32. Never let yourselves to feel discouraged because of the proven Wisdom of the people that used to be among you or of those that are currently ‘next’ to you. Do not feel discouraged just because you tend to think that you have nothing in common with these souls. Feel inspired. Inspiration gives thoughts and reasoning and these lead to the motif for further research. And research starts to ‘discover’, to ‘remind’ and to mould the choice which after a while, leads to action.

From the Cosmic Order of the Infinite.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here are the links:



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