Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Méline Lafont ~ Little announcement and sharing


  1. Have a wonderful trip Méline <3 Exciting times :)

  2. Dearest Méline, Thank you greatly for this message too!! I've been following your excellent Service and Love to All of us and I want to wish you an amazing trip and Integration and and and :)

    Love you inconditionally!!

    Embracing you,
    Alice** <3 <3

  3. Melanie, thank you. I have experienced our light essence form a few times now. People in real life I try to tell, well they dismiss it as something else. I guess now - soon - more will see it for themselves!

    I hope you have a lovely journey!

    Namaste Troy/ Dreamwalker

  4. Thank you so much for clarifying this process of integrating this most recent "boost" upwards on the ascension spiral. I went through this in mid-June and also left my physical body. When I returned to the physical, I was sad, weepy and depressed. I wanted to shed my physical body as I felt it was weighing me down. I wanted to stay in that place of total peace and realized that I couldn't do that with a physical body.

    I also sensed this was a permanent change and things would never be the same again. My body was achy, my spine tingly and my heart was having spasms and palpitations. These symptoms lasted intermittedly for a few weeks. This was the most challenging integration of new energies so far for me.

    I have finally made peace with being in a human body. I am feeling much better. I am balancing opposites more smoothly and am transmuting judgement into awareness. There are certain lessons that can only be learned by having a physical body and dealing with those ramifications on this particular planetary plane.

    I so appreciate the support & validation as we venture into this new unknown,

  5. Thank you all my sweet friends ♥ Always so wonderful to have your love, gratitude and support!! I love you all and will always support you too!!!! wondeful times, we truly have passed some old borders here and are ready to manifest and create like real true Master beings of Light! Finally!! ♥ much love to you all