Friday, July 26, 2013

Karen Doonan – Sirius B on the Upgrading of the Human Vehicles in Preparation…

Greetings dear ones we are the energies from Sirius B and we come to guide and to support as the new earth energies begin to heighten and release all that has kept you in the containment of the old earth frequencies. The new geometrical codings for the human vehicle are now being downloaded through the LIGHT that is now pouring across and within the planet at this time. Many of you may now be having very intense episodes of release and this is to help prepare you at human level for all that will now transpire within and around you as you move into the human life experience in the UNIVERSE OF 3 energetic frequencies.
These frequencies are much, much higher than those you have been trained to live within and this is the purpose of this preparation, the journey into the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is one that is taken INSIDE of the human vehicle and the human vehicle must be prepared before this can happen.

Many of you at this time may be trying to hold on tightly to all that you have been taught is life on this planet and we guide strongly for you to allow the new to FLOW into and around you at this time. Holding on to an old frequency will see you go into a static space where you are held until you can release the lower frequency, thus bringing balance back to your human vehicle at human conscious waking mind level. For the preparations that many of you have undergone up until this point in your linear experience was the preparation of your ENERGY IN TRUTH. Now it is the turn of the human vehicle into which you have incarnated this ENERGY OF TRUTH INTO.
Do you understand our guidance at this time? Many are not aware of the difference in frequency and this is helping the old earth hold on to the frequency structures it is trying to maintain. Many of you are now fully aware of the need to balance the ENERGY IN TRUTH with the human vehicle, as you bring balance to both you maintain balance in a process that will see miracles unfold around you and within you at this time.
Information will now flow through from your SOUL into your human vehicle and its logical mind, this may require more rest periods and sleep as the human vehicle begins to anchor concepts that up until this moment in your linear experience were beyond your grasp. This is a result of the heightening frequencies being anchored within the cellular structure of the human vehicle which allows for greater parts of the SOUL to be accessed in waking human form.
This process is to help you gain your balance and provide a reference point for your human life experience, these reference points are not found externally to you for your SOUL is providing these to you, it was always to be this way for you have not experienced life on this planet in human form at this level of consciousness ever before. Therefore as the “reality” that has been created for you begins to dissolve, as the old earth frequencies begin to dissolve, we guide strongly for you to begin to manifest your reality in TRUTH, this sits at SOUL level and will see you understand the reasons for your incarnation onto this planet in human form.
Those who are here to birth new paradigms onto the planet through the human race are preparing to move fully into place, the light codings apply to ALL as ALL ARE ONE and we guide for you to understand that change is something that is natural and is a process, it is not an “event” and we guide for you to detach from the definitions placed upon human language, this is further containment and as many of you are now experiencing there comes a point in the transition process where human language is not appropriate. This is to be further addressed through additional re-coding of the human vehicle and cellular structure through the enhanced LIGHT FREQUENCIES that are now being flooded across and within the planet herself.
ALL ARE ONE and now your mother prepares to support and to help expansion of your human life experience by expanding her energetic signature. This will also support other life forms that exist within the UNIVERSE OF 3 which at this moment are unable to exist in their solid form upon the planets surface. As the energies heighten and mother earth begins to anchor fully the new codings then this will begin to expand and many more will join the human vehicles upon the planets surface. Again we draw your attention to the frequencies and the need for the planet herself to reach the desired frequency range to support this process.
ALL is a process dear ones and we guide for you to process ALL communications through the heart space. The old earth has no influence upon the frequencies of the mother earth however the old earth has the teachings and the smoke and mirrors that may present the illusion of influence and power and we guide for you to process the frequencies of ALL that you interact with, that which is of the old frequency ranges will be obvious for much as the smoke and the mirrors may gleam and glitter the energetic signature shows TRUTH, TRUTH JUST IS dear ones and we guide for you to understand our words at this time.
The human race in their physical human vehicles now stands on the threshold of the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND IN TRUTH, this is a process that will begin to accelerate and expand at an individual human life experience level and balance is the key to this process.
We guide for you to understand that not all who share their words upon this planet have the same frequency and we guide for you to understand the role of frequency and vibration in your human life experience upon this planet. “ALL that glitters is not GOLD” is the phrase that we use from our channel’s mind and we guide for you to understand that ALL is not as it appears on this planet at this expansive time in the UNIVERSE of 3.
That which is TRUTH, JUST IS, it needs no defense and no definition, we ask for you to find and maintain balance and to understand that the knowledge that you need at human conscious waking mind level sits WITHIN YOU at SOUL LEVEL. At all times be guided by your heart which is the key to the SOUL and the key to the UNIVERSE OF 3. ALL ARE ONE and now this TRUTH will be physically born upon the planet called Earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.
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