Saturday, July 13, 2013

Angelic Message. Formations In The Open Sky. By, Bella Capozzi. July 12, 2013.

images-1~ This message came in to me a short while ago.  I was in a pretty deep meditative state, when I started to become aware of what felt like a feminine, Angelic energy around me.  I could sense a kind of outline or fuzzy shape of a person, but this being neither looked or felt familiar.  When asked, she identified herself only as “Arcara” and this is what she said:
“You have to find peace.  Make peace all that has transpired and you will be golden.  Keep walking forward and never look back.  Never, not even once.  Be plainspoken.  Simply be and all the rest will take care of itself.  In the open sky, you will see formations.  Clouds and starlit things.  The eye plays tricks on you and tells you that we are not there.  By no fault of it’s own is this, but nonetheless be wary and observant and understand how that which you see is not really what you see at all.  Look above and trace the formations with your fingertips.  Open your mind, and what do you see?  Now, do you understand?

Within each of the Light Children resides the rudimentary skill for the anchoring and the messaging and the healing.  Much healing has to be done, especially here and now.  The stars are right for it, you see, so bypass not any opportunity to make a difference.  Be beholden only to your Creator.  Be thankful, yet beholden to no man.  All these things are by design, and there is great power to be harnessed by you through the formation of the Merkaba.  How to do this?  You must take it.  Make it your own, in service.  You are being called.”
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