Monday, July 22, 2013

Archangel Haniel. “Love And Gratitude.” By, Bella Capozzi. July 21, 2013.

971898_204928102989953_2074267248_n~ Gratitude is simple.  It is an exchange of energy from one form of life to another, as one being uplifts another so does the other uplift that one in return.  To be thankful is to be awake and aware.  For to be thankful, you must possess the ability to recognize goodness and to be brought to your knees in awe of it’s value.  A kind deed is more precious than the finest jewels in the kingdom, and to be truthful, it’s value cannot be methodically calculated or assessed.  Such is also true of blessings.  Dearest Hearts, you are so blessed!  You are blessed because you are loved more than you possibly can know, and you never, ever walk this Earth alone.  For each one of you there are a multitude of US – watching you, guiding you, listening to and assisting you in the manifestation of your deepest wishes and desires, should they be positively aligned with your chosen path.  You are passionately loved by your Source Creator, who seeks only to experience through you and with you.  Be ever grateful for the gifts you are given, and they shall be multiplied a thousandfold.

~ Indeed, the Earth journey is an arduous one, and oftentimes you cannot recognize the blessings, as they get lost amidst the chaos and the pain.  But they are there, even if they are not easily recognizable at first.  Many times the blessing lies in the lesson itself.  You emerge from your challenges stronger, wiser and more enlightened.  Even while in the throes of great tribulation, it is wise to take stock of your circumstances and give thanks for that which is pure and bountiful in your life.  There is always something.  Make a list of these things and peruse it often.
~ Like attracts like, and in this case, like feelings attract like feelings.  Feel yourself grateful, abundant in blessings and love, and you shall eventually attract to you this abundance and it’s accompanying joy and satisfaction.  Giving thanks makes the heart sing.  When listless and sad, the act of counting your blessings will instantly lighten you and bring forth an instantaneous sense of happiness and well-being.  Which, in turn, raises your vibration.  People are quite naturally drawn to a grateful person.  Throw open the doors to your heart, then pass the blessings around.
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