Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sharing about my trip with Self ~ By Méline Lafont

Well I finally found the time to write a bit about my “trip” which I would Love to call “a time for tuning into the Self” rather than merely a “trip” per se. I can tell you that these 5 days were mindblowing for me and that I have grown spiritually so much in these 5 days, much more than in the last few months... Unfortunately I am not able to share everything YET, as it is personal and I have been asked to keep some things secret for now by my Twin Flame Saint Germain.

I went to a friend in Belgium, her name is Rosa, and she was so kind to let me stay at her place! We have visited some places and the most memorable were the energetic places in Drenthe, situated in the Netherlands, where a lot of dolmen are placed and spread along leylines. I enjoyed the connection with these energies so much and we even caught some orbs around us and around these places! Magnificent!

I really have lived a  5D way of living and even higher in those 5 days, where no time was binding me, no deadlines and no pressure were present. I was feeling so good and so relaxed, enjoying all that was coming my way in the now. I have not once felt myself down, always in Love and very lighthearted. Always happy, high spirited and my heart was constantly filled with so much Love and feeling very warm! Well my sweet friends, this is for sure the life I want to continue as I have now truly felt the difference between our established way of living and being this higher 5D and the way I am at home. HUGE difference.

I have had the pleasure to meet a sweet friend of mine that came to visit us during my trip, and what we have experienced was amazing!! All what is channeled, said, shared is REAL!! No doubt about it! We have seen it, we have felt it and we have experienced such mindblowing things that  I cannot even express in words!! Out of body experiences in a conscious way, so many lightbeings activated around us and showing themselves more tangibly to us, so many deep activations in the body and in the heart, etheric shifts and etheric experiences while being in the physical body at the same time. Saint Germain has been working on me as well BIG TIME: he was so tangible, even more than EVER :)

My Spirit has grown and opened up so much that I am now able to channel on another whole new level... which I will explain in the coming days as I will post a piece about that. My Twin Flame is now able to step into my fields and my body in such a way that I can channel him consciously, while he speaks through me and forms the words himself… That was one of the most exciting experiences ever! So live channeling will become fact soon and will be a part of my mission. I have never felt so confident in my life as I am now, thanks to this journey where I truly have found myself and my “home” which is me because I am my home.

It was mindblowing to be able to experience such high and wonderful things with a person who is such a great  and far evolved being, which made our mutual experiences even bigger and stronger! This is how important it is to be brought together in life with people of the same frequency and resonance, because this empowers and opens up so much!!! It serves Gaia and Humanity and your personal evolution as well. This has led us to the point where Andy Bojarski and I decided to work together from now on, as we have effected a strong connection that resulted out of this all. Much more will be shared about this soon in one of the following posts.

Here are some great pictures of these dolmen and of the places where I went… I enjoyed this so much and I wish for you to have the same experiences like I had with my friends! Much Love, Méline 


  1. My dear Melinita... what can I say!! Im so happy for you... and also for all your help with me... You know it was an outrageous experience.. and was a real HONOR AND PLEASURE FOR ME..!! Now Looking forward for your new plans... come on hurry up !! (LOL) I'm sure people well be very happy, excited and will LOVE IT.. !!! BTW.. I think I have seen those pictures somewhere !! ( ROTFL ) Lot of Love, Light and..... CHOCOHUGS !!!

    1. Thank you so much Rosa for having me!! I so enjoyed it!! it was a pleasure to have you with me ♥ much love

  2. Wow, Great, Méline and thank you for sharing.
    Looking forward to hear the next phase of your experience.
    See you soon,

    Hugs André