Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SIRIUS- children of the new world codings


We are the Beings from Sirius A and we come to guide and to support ALL at this time of mass expansion upon the planet called earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 in the linear year of earth time of 2013. The codings are now going out energetically to ALL children of Sirius, the codings are the keys to the new world and the new way of living and BEing for the human race.

We place the coding of 121212 within your heart space, we place the sacred geometrical shape of the dodecahedron within the brow chakra and we place the SEAL OF SOLOMON within the throat chakra. We ask the children of Sirius to begin to sing their SONG IN TRUTH. That which was always to BE is NOW dearest ONES, we have listened and we have responded, we are here with you as you now prepare to ascend to the UNIVERSE of 3 in your physical waking human forms.

Those who sought to contain and suppress are no longer within the same dimensional spaces as the children of the new world for ALL IS NOW and ALL JUST IS. Those who have incarnated in order to birth the GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND now are asked to stand for all to see and to shine their LIGHT FULLY across and within planet earth. The new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANITY shines brightly and ALL are now assembling and taking their places in order to help this process unfold in TRUTH.

To the Pleiadians we state clearly OUR CHILDREN are READY, to ORION, we state clearly OUR CHILDREN ARE READY and now we ask for the songs to begin, the songs were always to be sung and the notes were always to begin the process that is known as the ASCENSION of the human race in TRUTH.


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