Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Marc Gamma ~ Inspirations from my Higher Self – Nr. 4

Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary

How to find true love?

True Love does not need words. Love is that special energy going from one to the other without words and still has its effects. There will be no need to describe it since the effect of it speaks for itself. Love’s language is an universal one. No further explanation needed. Love is the same in all cultures, all dimensions, and all spheres. There is no limitation whatsoever to love – none of any destination, love does exist and has only one sole target, i.e. never ever to stop nor extinguish the streaming flux of love-energy.

Wherever you may go – love will follow you. This is a cord not to be seen with your naked eye still it does exist and is unfolding its effects. To describe love would fill in books. Written love-stories would fill libraries. To experience love will have no boundaries and does not need any interpretation since this is not its target.
Accept love as a present without any words. If you get ‘the hang of it here’ you will have understood what love really is since this is the target of your long way of return to your divine All-Creator who has for you, all his children, a never-ending love.
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  1. I like the picture..
    I just say True Love does not need words, it needs action..