Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Meditation is Natural and Our Enlightenment has Already Begun

When we meditate, our consciousness changes. Our consciousness gets deeper inside and more peaceful and full. We feel more present, more “Here Now.” The more we practice meditation, the more our consciousness will stay in that deeper silence inside and we will feel more centered and less upset by the events around us.
It is natural after we have been meditating for a longer time to feel this Presence of Inner Silence all the time. Meditation gets us centered and removes our daily stress. The more we meditate, the more flexible we become. We don’t hold onto the stress as much as we did before and any new stressful situation bounces off of us like water on a duck’s back. Where we were previously upset by the stress, now the stress is less likely to stick to us. Even when the stress sticks to us, we sit down to meditate and the meditation washes it away so we can feel fresh again.

Each time we meditate, our consciousness adjusts to becoming more silent and stress-free. We like that experience so we start to remember it more and more until one day we are in that Silent Presence all the time. It is so natural. It is just as natural as when we hear a song we like and start to remember it during the day. The more we hear the song we like, the more we can sing along until we can sing the song without hearing it.
The experience of meditation is so naturally peaceful that our consciousness will remember it during the day. The more we meditate, the more we will remember what it feels like until we are in meditation all the time. Eventually there is no more coming out of meditation. When that happens, we gain our Enlightenment. Enlightenment is just as natural as meditation.
Real Enlightenment is just a permanent meditation where our consciousness has merged with the entire ocean of Consciousness deep inside. When our consciousness has merged with the deep silence of the ocean inside, the surface stress of our life doesn’t bother us the way it did before. We remain stable even in the most stressful environment. It is amazing that even in our first meditation, we are already closer to our Enlightenment. Our Enlightenment is already in our consciousness and all we have to do is visit it each day in our daily meditation until we can stay there. Enlightenment is not far away. We are already experiencing it little by little each day in meditation until it becomes permanent.

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