Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Synchronizing with the Universe

This is the age of higher physics. That is to say that this is the age of lifting human consciousness beyond the physical material perception into more subtle frequencies of the heart, i.e. spiritual reality.
That also means that the language of the heart becomes sweet and clear flowing like waves of love and joy. This is the language of happiness. Happiness is universal. Even when we don’t understand the words of another language, we see what is happening and we laugh.

When we are happy, the frequencies of our consciousness vibrate faster. Laughter lifts our spirit into the divine. How lucky we are to be human at this time!
The pulse of the universe is synchronizing our heartstrings to the melody of divine harmony. New perceptions of reality will dawn and human life as we know it will become more engaged in love and light. All we have to do is find what makes us happy.

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