Monday, August 17, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Namaste

When we greet another person and say Namaste, what do we mean? Most of us know the answer is “I bow down to the God in you”. But there is a deeper meaning in this. I bow down to the ocean of Love and Light inside of you and recognize the same ocean of Love and Light in me. I bow down to you because you are a reflection of the same consciousness that resides in me. I know you are reflecting what I am inside both positive and negative.
When you are acting negatively, I react because I recognize that this quality has also been inside of me. I have compassion for you and show you respect and acknowledge the love that is hidden beneath your negativity. When our love greets the love that is hidden inside someone else, their love wakes up and comes to the surface. Saying Namaste is a blessing. It gives love instead of reacting out of old habits. As we see others more positively as a storehouse of love then our own love rises up and both of us receive a blessing. This is the deeper truth behind Namaste.

Now normally I rarely say Namaste. It sounds a bit artificial. But I do open my heart and bow down to love in you and in me. What is unspoken is powerful. It is the genuine feeling of love that is important not the words. But now love is rising in my heart, so I will say Namaste and Bless you!


  1. Whenever I greet an Indian person I say Namaste because I can sense they appreciate that