Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Love is the Path of No Effort

We struggle through our life and worry about this and that, but somewhere deep inside Love is guiding our heart in the right direction. Our mind is so noisy as it tells us what to do or wants to understand why this is happening, but our heart is quietly observing and patiently waiting for us to let go of our thoughts and just tune in.
It’s amazing when one day we are sitting calmly and realize that all is well. We feel peacefully full of love and the world is at peace with us. Then we have a funny thought: why have I been so worried? Why have I been thinking so much? We realize that our thoughts were a distraction that grabbed our attention and disturbed the naturally peaceful feeling inside of us.

The mind wants to control and wants to do something. The heart filled with love just observes and when we tune in, the heart moves with love and we find our self naturally doing what the heart wants. No need to think about it or control it. The universe naturally moves through us and all is well.
Love is the path of least resistance. It is the path of no effort. Mind enjoys effort and tells us that effort is necessary. But when we use effort, it makes us tired and usually makes mistakes caused by pushing too much and forgetting to notice the signs from the universe that are important. When we calmly follow the heart, we pay attention to more details and feel what is good and what is stressful.
The way of the universe is the path of least resistance. The universe knows where we are going even before we understand why we want to do something. Love is the fundamental tool that creates harmony and peace in everything we do. When love moves us, we smile and the world around us smiles back. Even our enemies have to smile when we greet them with love.
This is such a simple observation and so useful to our basic happiness. Our mind is noisy and desires effort. Our Heart is peaceful and quietly feels what is good for us. Before you decide to do something, stop thinking about it and just relax. The more quiet you can be, the more you will feel love motivating you to do what feels good. This good feeling is the movement of the universe rising up from deep inside of you on a wave of love. No effort, just simple trust in the feeling of goodness to show you what you want. Trusting this good feeling means that the universe agrees and is already moving to help you. Love is our guide. When the heart follows love our life is effortlessly happy and the universe supports everything we need.

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