Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Happiness is Energy

When we are happy the universe moves with our heart. Happiness is the key to changing our life and bringing support from the universe. Whenever I get stuck, I stop what I am doing and look for something to do that makes me happy. As soon as I find it, my heart moves again and the resistance disappears. It is like magic!
I learned this many years ago when I was in Hawaii. At that time I was so busy that my schedule was fully booked for three months in advance. One day I looked at the appointments for the next week and discovered that only half the sessions were full. I was shocked. I guess I had been riding the wave for so long that I forgot to pay attention to my schedule. I panicked. In those days before the internet, the only way to send out a message to my friends was through a newsletter sent by mail.

I got inspired to write a newsletter and sat down at my computer. My heart moved and I was happy to write something to give to my friends. As soon as I started to write, the phone rang. People were already calling for appointments even before I sent out the message! Within a few hours my schedule was full for the next two weeks. It was magic. It was then that I realized what had happened. It was so simple. I did what made me happy and the universe responded. Happiness has energy to transform our life and make things happen.
The next time you are stuck, stop what you are doing and find something that makes you happy to do. You will not only feel better, but the magic of happiness will transform your life and remove the resistance that is blocking you! Be happy! Happiness is the most powerful magic in the universe.

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