Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Independence

Deep inside of us at the very center of our being is the ocean of consciousness we call the universe. The center of the universe is inside of each of us. The consciousness of the universe rises up inside of us and moves through us in everything we do even when we are not aware of it.
The ocean moves and a wave is created. We call this the wave of our individual existence. But the root of our individuality is found in the ocean of infinite consciousness that is hidden beneath all of our thoughts and feelings.

Because we are so focused on the things we do, we cannot see the universe that is hiding beneath our activity. We look outside instead of inside to determine each step we take. When we look outside, we are subject to the push and pull of the outside world and cannot stop what happens in the world. We become a slave to the exterior world and feel lonely and frustrated.
True independence can only be found when we learn how to directly perceive the source of the universe that is hiding deep inside. When we recognize that our consciousness is one with the ocean of the universe, then the ocean moves through us more consciously and more powerfully. Each step we take has the force of the universe behind it. Each step we take is in harmony with the universe and everything around us moves to support us.
Independence can never found by doing what others tell us nor is it found when we only react to the events in the world around us. This type of response comes from the world around us and not from our self. We call this dependent action.
We start to feel more happiness and power when the ocean of universal consciousness rises up as a wave of inspiration from our heart. Our heart is the home of the Inner Universe and the very core of our existence. Knowing what our heart wants not only makes us happy, but also brings support to everything we desire. Whatever our heart desires is coming from the source of the universe inside of us. Whatever our heart desires is also the desire of the entire universe that surrounds us.
True independence motivates the universe to come to our aid. Find the way to take care of your self and you will no longer be dependent on something outside of your self. True independence is the real path to Enlightenment and total freedom from dependency and despair. Find your self and trust your self. Do what you can do to take care of your self and you will simultaneously discover that the universe will support every desire that you have.

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