Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Obstacles and Delays

Obstacles and delays seem to be quite common these days. Just as we are getting ready to move in the right direction, something pops up and stands in our way or delays us. As we get more synchronized to our path, the universe has to adjust things that stand in our way. To the untrained mind this appears to be a delay or a form of resistance. But the universe is on our side. What we don’t need will pop up in front of us before it disappears. Maybe this is a form of saying goodbye to our old habits.

Whatever is happening, don’t take it personally. The universe is on our side and just trying to help. This is a good lesson in patience and trust that the universe is supporting us.
When obstacles and delays frustrate you, simply find your center and do your best. Don’t take it personally and look for something that you can do to feel happy. Change the way you feel inside, change your energy and witness how the delays disappear.

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