Saturday, August 29, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont ~ September Gateway ~ FOCUS

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Blessings Beloveds! We are arriving in the September Gateway ~ A Gateway of FOCUS to balance through the challenges, shifts, seeded creations taking on form and the many ruptures that may come about. Remember it is not to focus on what goes on around you and what this Collective world may show you of unleashing energies. Hold in mind that these are all old energies wanting to be released like the pressure on a boiling pot. Simply observe. Let this not pull you out of your focus and intention to move through your personal Gateway.

This Gateway is about the FULL integration of your Higher Layers to the level you can stand within your physical body. It is to focus on the Harmony, inner balance and heart while the whirlwind sweeps around you. There is an inner force coming to Light, illuminating your True SELF. Your Body is taking on another level of illumination and starts to shine more of your Light. Your cells are re-activating their essential vibrational consciousness and your soul is emerging into that state of essence where you are one with All that Is. This will be an intense gateway of intense shifts.

The equilibrium within your chakras and fields is priority now. The emergence of your God essence is happening and the bodies are responding to this state. A transformation is taking place on all levels bringing us closer and closer to a true metamorphosis, this for the entire planet as well. These are intense to say the least and digg into the deepest core of your Being. It is to bring your inside to become your outside ~ your inner light to become your light body.
All is well as you respond with understanding, recognition of what is going on. Recognizing that all is going on for Divine purpose helps one to claim that right of Divine essence and being one with it. You are all beautiful hearts coming to understand yourselves now through all the layers of your illuminated Truth. Let go of that which holds you back from your own evolution and go with your heart flow in trust.
This is a Gateway that wants you go with it and the easiest way is through allowance, trust and conscious participation. The hardest way is through resistance, denial and ignorance. This energy stream will be here nevertheless so you may want to choose the most fluent way and participate. Let all things unfold for you and hold within your heart the intention to be the conduit of Light which brings forth nothing but Love, Harmony, Happiness. Be the change you want to see and have in life.
Be the equilibrium of this world and be true to your own heart, always. heart-emoticon
Be In ~ Joy ! 
I feel this video from last year September concerns this year as well. Beautiful reminder!

Méline Portia Lafont
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