Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Simon Parkes Update - CERN has been Neutralized



This is a very short newsletter because today has been so important.  In many countries around the world at 12 noon BST hundreds of people joined together to take positive action to prevent a travesty.  For too long we have been continually reacting to events or been reduced to ‘sending love’ well today we were proactive and sent very positive energy to where it was needed.

Here is what I know so far – at 3am BST today in order to prevent our actions the collider was activated.  This was a deliberate attempt to ramp up the power before its schedule and thus from their prospective ensure the outcome that they wanted.  I have to tell you that unfortunately the collider suffered a malfunction just after 3am.  This occurred in the tube and is why many of you when you connected at 12 noon BST were immediately taken to a circle or tube shape.  This is in fact the tube where particles are accelerated.  In technical terms the collider suffered a tube quench.  Again unfortunately this meant that the collider could not operate until close on to our scheduled connection.  The collider was repaired within a few hours but could not operate to full power and by the time it was restored the window of opportunity that they sort had closed.   Please look at the screenshot below, this is an official screenshot as released by the PR department who promote the collider.  Thanks go to Ciprian Jurma for bringing it to our attention because it confirms that there was indeed an issue for the collider at 12.11pm BST which is 6 minutes after we all closed our joint meditation.  

At 13:11 (which is 12:11 BST) at the end of our session, there was a "Dump due to BPMs in IP6. Rampdown and refill”
This means that everyone’s hard efforts to maintain the connection between the human race and source have been successful.  Whilst we don’t believe in ego I really think you all deserve a big pat on the back.  Thank you for what you have done.  I would be really interested to hear what you experienced, what you saw and what you felt, please let me know through this link -


Much love, much strength, much hope

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