Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sandra Walter ~ Mystery School Parallels, Cosmic Christ and the Equinox – Video

 Blessing Beloved Light Tribe,
I had a deep share on Lauren Galey’s Healing Conversations last week. I discussed the parallels between our journey and the Mystery schools; a cosmic template for a spiritual curriculum. Our broadcast time was limited for large topic, however the strongest parallels were covered, as well as Equinox predictions and a question about the Corey Good material.
The intel over the last decade shows us the progression, templates, initiations at each levels attained, and the neutrality we embody in order to experience the higher realms. Recently the intel advised facing fears of transformation, our higher choices during the August trigger, our pure intention, divine delineation, all of it leading to this transformational tipping point in our Ascension. The energy now carries us – if willing – to the Mastery of cosmic union.

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