Saturday, August 15, 2015

Call to ALL lightworkers: meditation August 15, 2015 to join Global focus on positive while attempt re-starting CERN

Hi Everyone,

A quick announcement that applies to us.  We have had the experience of strengthening the Positive Timeline for Earth in our weekly Time Travel gatherings, and now we hear that the Cabal is planning to use the Cern Particle Collider to enforce their own agenda for the future onto humanity.  This is planned for August 15th, coming right up on Saturday.  According to Simon Parkes, the 'powers-that-have-been' in control are making a last ditch attempt to re-instate their negative plan for Earth.  This date relates to the Biorhythms of Earth that amplify the thoughts and energies and feelings and intentions of Earth people on August 15th.  ( Similar to the occasion of the Philadelphia experiment in August, 1943.)  They intend to amplify the negative aspects of people's psyche using the Collider technology.

We, as Quantum, Time Traveling, Experiencers  know how to surround the Earth with love and compassion and higher consciousness.  So I suggest we do that at this time.  If we want to join the time when Simon and his group in Britain are having a powerful meditation to ensure the continuation of the Positive, the clock time in Hawaii time it would be 1:00 AM on August 15th  (oh no!!)   But we can interact with time and be there when they are meeting….. as we have learned to enter the future.  Or set your alarm for 1:00 AM.

Here is Simon's website to read about it.  (he seems to say to send healing thoughts to the Cern Collider facility, but I would rather send it to the Earth and humanity.)  Up to you  and  THANK YOU

WITH GROUP LOVE, more powerful than anything that exists,

Thank you Deenya for the Heads Up about this……..  

Dolphin Connection International