Thursday, August 6, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ On the Swing of Evolution and Transformation

Sometimes we get so focused on our life that we can’t let go. Our mind is absorbed in our problems and we don’t know how to switch off and just be normal and relaxed. Our consciousness needs to swing away from all the focus and open to more joy and freedom.
It’s funny how strong our grip can be. Even when we want to let go, we can’t. This comes from years of habit. We never learned how to switch off and swing into silence. Meditation helps us to swing deep into silence and expand our consciousness. Just like when we are holding something with our hand, we have to open our fingers and let it go. Then the muscles in our hand can relax and the circulation of blood returns to every finger. When we sit to meditate, our mind releases its grip on the daily problems and opens to deep inner silence. At the same time our consciousness opens to have more Life Force and feels refreshed.

Consciousness needs to swing from focusing so tightly during the day and then at the end of the day, let our mind release its grip and expand. Then the fingers of consciousness open up and our mind is free to explore and enjoy the circulation of love and light in other things that are important to our life. The swing of evolution and personal transformation happens more naturally if we can focus intensely on our life and then let go and completely relax into meditation. When we do this we feel refreshed and have new insight into many new possibilities that can improve our life.
Meditation and dynamic activity are the right foot and left foot of evolution. We swing into meditation to refresh our consciousness then swing into action to apply it. This is the fastest path to expand our consciousness and bring our Enlightenment more quickly. Life is a swing that can go higher and higher as we move from deep inner silence into dynamic activity.

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