Monday, August 17, 2015


Holy Moly Mother of Goddess, what can an earth girl say? I have been around the cosmic block a few times and I have never experienced a shift like this past 8-8-8. the very foundation of light was shifted never to go back to what it once was.   A great bubble of expansion in a holding pattern was issued to Earth, as was reflected in the actions of the sun. Giant sunspots formed just to be held and not released at this time. The human body is very vulnerable right now as every little thing begins to hurt. This is the body’s way of asking you to love what is painful for it is a physical manifestation of what is calcified within your thinking, it seeks release.  The very DNA patterning of earth has shifted in accordance with a celestial declaration, and nuances of ancient messages on starlight make themselves seen and known.

What lives deep within the people of earth has more value than all the gold and diamonds in the universe.  One soul who finally sees them selves as a holy vessel is priceless. One soul who remembers their divine identity is worth risking everything for.  People have felt so beat down and beat up by life lately.

 They have felt cheated and taken advantage of when they are good hearted giving people. It is at times like this that is hard to live in integrity in honor and old fashioned goodness.  But that is exactly what one must do, for all that is unfairly taken from you will be accounted for in the heavenly inventory.

 Life has more than enough to give. She wants to share and comfort you in your times of need. This generosity, this gift from life may not be in the design that you have requested.  You have outgrown the energy of the past place /job/situation and now you are being asked to move in a fertile place by the universe whom knows your full potential to bloom.  Every thing that happens to you comes as a gift no matter how it is wrapped. It is your belief in this statement that will redirect the manifestation into something more beautiful than you originally thought.

 It is time to let go of everything that no longer serves the bigger picture that you are becoming.  Many of you still cling to ‘what was’, going through the trash of your day and of your life – digging up, exhuming, and examining ‘what could have been’, ‘what would have been’, “if only” you had taken a different path, made a different choice.  I assure you this emotional regret is an illusion.  Stop digging through the very trash of your life, amplifying the ‘regrets’ of the past. You are being pushed and pulled into a very tight-fitting energy–that actually squeezes your humanness into new directions that are not comfortable.  These are the forgotten corridors in your heart, your dreams. 

 The energies are making you squirm,  irritable, and emotional.  You are being re-sculpted into something more enhanced than you ever thought possible.  The new energies sweep into every part of you.  They bring forth connections with people, places, and things that you thought were lost forever.They bring you new opportunities as well as regrets.  Everything that you have placed to the side of your plate is –NOW asking to be ingested, addressed, and then eliminated. 

All of you are being birthed into a higher consciousness, this is the first glimmer of all the light to come.  These encodings are your prime property.  They are the treasures that you so seek – the treasures that you innately know are yours.  As humans you look for these treasures externally as money, inheritances, lottery winnings..  these innate treasures are the true love that you so seek –treasures are your heart’s desire.  The electrons of your physical body have increased their spin the very particles of your body have walked through expansion and every cell, every sub-atomic particle, every hair of you has changed and now holds a elevated light.

What you once deemed important has changed. Your abilities, your divine encodings are being augmented. Thoughts will be projected, desires, and truths will be issued without a physical word coming from you.  You will find more a deeper connection with nature, and the earth.  The people that once pushed your buttons, and painted you into emotional corners will find that you no longer  re-act the way you once did. Now when they paint you into a corner you just enjoy the corner for a minute. You will be far more concerned with expanding your divine energy than acting and re-acting to anyone or anything.  You are not who you were last week.

When God Desires Anything, That Intention Is Enough To Make It Happen. That is the way the universe has written itself. Your desires have great potential within them.  It is one level of the Commandment of Creation; desire, passion, want, need – all of these are descriptions of Creation.  God does nothing but desire an outcome and it is made manifest and so it is with you. 
Watch your world more closely and you will see what we speak is not divided truth or diluted truth, but plain truth.  For all that is expected, births the unexpected.  Everything leads to evolution no matter where the path begins.  It is by walking upon your own creations that you will understand your dormant abilities. All energies move forward in a continuum of invisible manifestation.  No event is wrong or right that serves the higher Light.  The need to categorize thoughts into right or wrong damages the birth of all desired outcomes.
As you walk into the wholeness and the holiness of the expression of who you know yourself to be, you will find that the lines that divide and sever your being begin to fade with time, with wisdom, with love.  You will find that the expression of self that you know as the beginning and the ending of this life no longer are divided components. They become streamlined in the natural sense of the word flowing forward naturally. Issuing notice of cleansing of clearing. Issuing awareness of different octaves of knowledge, of wisdom, of strength, of being of young, of old, of was, of will be. 
Open the gate to the Vastness that you have forgotten that you are.  Open the gate to all that you keep yourself from separated in thoughts, in fears, in longings, and heart’s desires.   For it is only your belief systems that can decay the body.  It is only your belief systems that keeps you from moving forward in leaps and outward bounds.  It is your canyon that seems endless in a sky that seems cloistered.  Open the gate and set free all that has once served you so that it can learn to fly, learn to swim, learn to tunnel deep in the earth.  Open the gate to everything that your parents, your teachers, and your lovers told you that you could not be, you could not accomplish, you could not experience. 
Experience the flowing of the trueness of your beginning without end, of your end without beginning.  Let go of all self imposed limitations and programs.  Let go of all excuses that you have worn as medals, and all the procrastination's that you have used to lift you to places you fell from. Un-pot the potential that you have kept sequestered away, allowing the roots to bind themselves in containers of thoughts that limit you, containers of fears that only grow weeds, and containers of truths that were seeded to you by others.
Open to see all that is happening in a single moment in any place in this universe. For you have that ability but you must announce if to yourself in remembrance.  'I can see through space and time, through sky and cloud, through dirt'. 'I can walk upon water, through trees, through stars.  I am one with all and thus I can experience birth on a star millions of light years away.' 'I can experience being crystalline in nature and at the same moment be in an ocean and on a moon.'  'I can be fire and ice simultaneously.  I can be passion.  I can be love.  I can feel the sensuousness within all beings, in all places if I choose.  I can ask that every droplet of laughter be poured for me as a drink to sup upon.' 
What you seek is inherent within everything. You can beckon to you all things that hold the richness that you seek.  The letting go of perimeters, of expectations, of boundaries, of containers, of thought forms frees you up to be it all.  Let go of the way you define yourself and allow your soul to re-define you in a way that serves the higher soul path.  the soul is destined to expand, to re-create, and re-define your lineage of light.

We As Humans Come To Earth With A Great Vision A Dream In Our Hearts. It is part of our God seed and it is something that we alone hold in secret. It lives in us pushing us forward to become more to do more to perceive more. Every great person that has existed on earth thorough time immortal, has held the theirvision in a place of safety.  They nurtured it and listened to it and followed the signs that it left as tiny footprints in the sand.
First off they believed what lived in their heart.  Then they embraced it, and then they loved it until the unseen became real.  It came into manifestation through the human heart yearning to become more. You are responsible for creating the invisible dream that dwells in your heart.  You hold it as one who holds a baby bird in their hands – comforting it, giving it warmth, nurturing it.  You are continually birthing what you need, and what you desire.  
Most people give up before their dream manifests -- the very day the birth is to be announced they quit, they stop, and they give up!   They think no one notices and no one cares about them giving up, but they are wrong! the very earth herself mourns for what could have been if only they had believed a little harder.
Everything in life notices and cares!  All of Earth was ready to welcome in that manifestation that you so lovingly created inside your heart and that you so thoughtlessly aborted before it was birthed.  Trust that what your soul yearns for is exactly what you need and will be birthed accordingly.

You Are Asked To Place All Of Your Desires, Your Wants, And Your Needs –Upon An Invisible Future. There are so few that truly know without a shadow of a doubt, that the invisible will manifest in accordance with how deeply, how strongly, how powerfully they believe.  You cannot see your future because your future does not live here on earth.  It has not come as of yet.  It has not manifested, you are ahead of your creations.  In this there is great frustration, as you feel all alone in your creations.  It is like baking a cake from a cake mix box that has no directions on it, putting it into an oven that is invisible and turning on a timer that does not exist. 
When you see a need, fill it.  At that moment in time the universe is saying to you – “Help me to birth this.  Help God to birth it by just holding the vision long enough for it to manifest". Each of you is asked continually to help birth a better future, a better Earth,  just by you're thinking.  Hold the vision of goodness  for your world – not just your own creations. Whenever you have an opportunity to seed another’s thought – give them the gift of what you know to be truth and hope.  Hold that gift long enough until it is birthed.  Do not ever give up on it.  The Creator, the Source has never given up on you. Do not give up on others.  Do not laugh at their dreams or toss their dreams to the wind because sometimes a person’s dreams is all that they have to live for.  Help to birth the dreams, the desires, and the invisible into the visible.

We All Sit Face Forward In A Hall Of Mirrors And Memories. Memories of past and future lives. Memories of, who you once were and who you are to become.   reading the map of the past expecting to find a future in those directions.  You see where you have fallen and where you have succeeded. You wait for the world to exhale so that you can breathe in what seems good.
The poison of others fears and tears waif through the air.  You try to escape what is too human, what is vulnerable and has become undone and frayed.  Do you believe that you inherently house codes of light that will escort you into higher truths?  Or are you feel a mild mannered human, a weak worm in the dust?  Do you house the ability to move beyond time, space, and recreate in a dialog with a life that brings you peace instead of upheaval and travesty?
You have forgotten what the earth journey is really about.  You are not here to judge or point fingers at another.  You are not here to learn by hurting another.  Those that stand in your way do so as a mighty giant that stands before a sacred mountain.  If you cannot bypass the giants of your life, find a different angle of thought and heart and it will gain you entrance into what you deem to pass. 
Everything in your life that you see as a blockage can only be dissolved through the strengthening of love. All darkness came from the light all darkness returns to the light, send love and light into whatever is darkness seems to block your light.  You can either be a victim or live in victory.  Every one of you are grand masters of light, living light vortices.  You have forgotten because all the little stuff has piled itself up and you cannot see beyond it, like one who hoards and blocks the highways and byways of their lives.. 
It is time for you to reaffirm your vows with the light, and your promise to hold the light thru all changes and challenges on earth.  You cannot ask piece of another country until you find your own peace within.  So many of you have given up on your freedom, on your heart’s desires, on what brings you joy. We ask you to believe not just for yourself, not just for your planet and your people but for all that exists throughout time and space that depends on the outcome of earth’s ascension or dissension. 

When Two Or More Gather In Intention And Heart The Universe Enfolds And Lifts Them To A Place Of Miracles Made Manifest.  When a person of wisdom comes together in pure heart and intention to give others his truths and secrets a new grid of light is created and each person light quotient is then increased. This is a time of deep reflection into a pool of possibility.  Each situation in your daily life will touch you deeper and deeper. You can verbally discount the sadness of another by saying it will not affect you but we all know that the frequency of ‘one for all and all for one’ is not just for three musketeers.  We as a planet and a collective unit of light are energetically ‘our brother’s keeper’. As a species we are vibrationally and biologically connected for it can be no other way. As the light energy steadily increases in pressure and position we will find many who cannot adjust to this change that is driven by human needs and wants.
Emotions will float to the surface like toxin waste that was once anchored. Playing into another’s dark dialogue and schematics will only clip your wings of light.  Wishing a disagreeable person the very best will serve to unplug you from their grid of negativity and move them to a different energetic location. Like attracts like, so if you are walking thru a big pile of cosmic dung do not blame the holy cow or the farmer. This summer is a time of whipping up some homemade miracles with home baked intention and love as the main ingredient. A big batch of cosmic brownies filled with chunky miracles, stellar chocolate and lots of possibilities. When you see a need for another, energetically fill it. If you see a poor person, send them financial blessings, if you see a lonely person send them love and hugs, if you see someone that is hurting, see that pain as gone. Step up to the plate grab a handful of homemade miracles and share. Every thought counts, every minute of every day.

A Cosmic Flush Has Begun And We Are The Caretakers Of That Sewage Plant. Many have tried so hard to recycle the trash and use it wisely in a collective constructive manner but that barge sailed many moons ago.  As we each flush and release all the portals of anger, injustice, and false accusations that have karmically collected as a strewn field around us. All portals of pain and suffering one enters now on a emotional or even physical level have their origin in the past, not the Now. Even though those that push buttons may be right next to you the original sin so to speak could have been light years ago in a different form in a different place. Not all karmic injustices were spawned on earth.  Striking others, as a nuclear missile without consciousness is self destructive as all emanations via thought and actions are amplified to the point of no return, once the strike has been initiated there is no reprieve.

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