Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Universe is a Playground for Love

Love is the fundamental motivator for our consciousness to move into this world. We see something we love and consciousness moves towards it and gets bigger. We experience more and do more as love motivates us to connect with the things we love.
Love starts from deep inside of us but searches for something or someone to connect with in this world and thus finds its expression in our life. The more love flows into our life into this world, the more joy and fulfillment we experience in our daily life.

If we embrace Non-Duality as a philosophy in our life, we might take the attitude that nothing in this world is important. In Non-Duality we might think that this world is Maya or Illusion and therefore not important. But this is only the philosophical view of Non-Duality.
Non-Duality is a level of consciousness that arises from the expansion of more Love in our life. As Love searches for more things to experience, more things to love, our consciousness expands and embraces everything in the warmth and deep satisfaction that only Love can provide. Eventually Love embraces this entire universe and discovers that everything is composed of Love. Love creates Oneness with the universe. When this happens, our consciousness is filled with Infinite Cosmic Love. We find Love everywhere and in everything.
This is the true nature of Non-Duality. It is not a philosophy nor is it a way of thinking or code of conduct. Non-Duality is a level of Consciousness, a direct and tangible experience of Love everywhere in this universe. We become like a child who finds love in everything they do and the universe is the playground where love can entertain us to enjoy life in all of its many varieties. If the universe is meaningless, we become dry and lifeless. Our Consciousness becomes bored and detached, and life loses its meaning.
Love is the fundamental force for transforming our life into the Miraculous. Love creates fulfillment and knows no limits. Life without Love is only a product of what happens when we think too much and lose the motivation to enjoy and explore this universe through our heart.
As the Dalai Lama said many times, “Life is here to enjoy.” Without Love and Compassion our life dries up and becomes meaningless. Be like a child and let your love flow. Do what you enjoy, and your life gets more blessings and becomes more satisfying.
Life is here to enjoy and Love is the fundamental motivator to find the Divine Perfection that every human being was born to inherit. The universe is our playground. It was never designed to be our boss. Every human being was born to discover more love and happiness in their life. If you haven’t found that happiness in your life, don’t give up! Keep looking! Let Love be your motivation and your teacher. Discovering the nature of Love everywhere is the greatest experience a human being can have.


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