Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lauren C. Gorgo ~ Excerpt 5D report ~ Golden Gates Open: the great preparation

As expected, the 8/8 (Lion’s gate) was beastly…in the best way possible.
During that supercharged window, new/higher light information roared thru heaven and earth, permeating every level and layer of our multidimensional existence, infusing each and every cell of our being with new creation codes and essential upgrades required for the next 12 months in dedication to the mastery of magic.
This year’s 888 activation is awakening within our DNA the collective memory of the lost/forgotten sacred knowledge necessary to build the next Golden Age.

This means each of us are now downloaded with the specific information we need to not only create our highest purpose in the world, but we are also imbued with the actual methodologies necessary to construct the literal, sacred systems and framework that will house heaven on earth.
Here’s what I am told:  when the lion’s gate opened this year, so too did the gates of heaven. This special triple-digit access code unlocked our access to the pure, unencumbered frequency of Source that is essential for our heavenly creations on earth…the completion codes required to rebuild our selves, lives and ultimately the Eden Blueprint for all of humanity.
Before now, we were all working to bring these frequencies “down from heaven”, so to speak. We were heralding, precipitating the grounding of these energies thru our bodies and into the planet for earth’s collective ascension. Mission accomplished. Now I am hearing that for those of us here to experience a full-blown biological ascension/descension, the energies from the 888 are more personal than collective…well, not literally since what is personal IS collective…in the sense that they contain the next level christ codes needed for our further embodiment and sustained 5th dimensional consciousness.
This gateway was described to me as the opening of a sacred vault that stores the (genetic) potential to complete our transfiguration.  Apparently, this vault contains within it the alchemical codes required for our full transformation AS GODs, in form.
NOTE: Keep in mind that the activation of potentials takes time-space to unfold/integrate in our physical bodies and worlds.  Based on what I am receiving, my sense is that the Lion’s gate triggered those receptive with the necessary activations needed for the last blood moon-eclipse passage on 9/28, which is a finalizing event, but will continue to usher us into our new Selves thru to the end of the year and beyond. Aka, emergence, like the rest of ascension, is a complex, comprehensive and divinely timed process, one that can’t be rushed. We are definitely breaking out of our cocoons, that much is clear, but is so important that we stay riveted to our every NOW moment.  At these heightened stages of ensoulment, getting too far ahead of ourselves can easily stress our already-taxed systems.
Speaking of alchemical codes, you may have intuited that leading up to the blue moon (at the end of July) that we were working heavily with the 44 numeric (also the 1144)…that these numbers where constantly in your consciousness, especially since the last (4/4) lunar eclipse/blood moon.  The 44 frequency carries the vibration of transformation/metamorphosis and has been forcing aiding us to quickly heal and release what no longer serves so that we are ready and prepared to work with the 22 (also the 1122) frequential that started pulsing into the grids soon after the June Solstice.
These are powerful numerics that resonate profoundly with spiritual, physical & multidimensional mastery…more specifically, the mastery of building sacred structure from a basis of divine knowledge (illumination).  Moreover, it is made clear to me that 1122 resonates strongly with the energies of our divine purpose/spiritual blueprint in that it asks us to structure & build our lives (22) according to our spiritual truth (11) where our soul’s reason for BEing lives.
If you tune in you will likely notice that in addition to the 44/1144, the 22/1122 sacred codes/frequencies are very prevalent now.  (You may have also noticed…I did in retrospect…that since the March equinox my reports have serendipitously/synchronistically been published every month on the 22nd, except for the Planetary New year (26) last month which is an 8 vibration used to fortify the lion’s gate.) The focus for this whole year has been on ‘building’, but it wasn’t until the March equinox that these energies fully kicked in.  From the equinox to the solstice we have been focusing full time on our metamorphosis (44)…from (June) solstice to (September) equinox we have been pivoting from transformation to emergence (we are immersed in both energies at the moment).  And from the next equinox to the December Solstice we will be fully anchored in the building/applied mastery (1122) phase…structuring our physical lives (22) to match our divine truth (11).
In actuality, our new beginnings have already begun but because endings & beginnings are simultaneous, we are still heavily overlaid with tying up loose ends and contending with parts of the past where we still need to release/transmute in order to step fully into the new.  No doubt these endings are everywhere we look right now, but they have a certain feeling of finality, a distance and an emptiness that is finally believable. On the flip side, there are new beginnings sprouting up that are just as obvious, but because our energy is still split between worlds it feels as though we can’t fully participate in them.  This has been creating quite a conflicting experience of “hurry up and wait”…a very Dr. Doolittle push-me-pull-you month where we blast off into the stratosphere of divine creation one day, and the next we are slung back, plunk in the mud.
This is normal and to be expected right now, and we will shift out of it soon enuf…ie, by September we will be moving deeper into the MOTION of building, whereas the weeks leading up to now we have been primarily in the planning and preparation stages.
In July we excavated and poured the solid foundation for our new/true lives/homes…in August we are framing the shell of the structure that will soon house our soul’s truth…in September we will start to see the actual form our new lives are taking, along with some important details necessary to make life-changing decisions.
In many ways we are about to begin again.  In some ways we will begin, as if for the the first time.  In all ways we will begin anew.
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