Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Water the Roots

At the very root of our consciousness there is Love. For most of us it is buried beneath layers of emotion and memories. But the flower of our life depends on that love to nourish it and help it to flourish. Finding love inside of us is the most important thing we can do to improve the way we feel and the way the universe responds to us. This was my whole motivation for teaching the Love Mantra, but any mantra used in meditation will nourish our roots and help our life to blossom more fully.

Becoming more mindful of the importance of taking care of our self and inner well-being is a big step to improving not only the way we feel but also the way the world will support us. My teacher always said, “Water the roots to enjoy the fruits!”
Meditation will improve our life in a natural way if we just take time to do it. When we meditate, we connect to the flow of Nature and the majestic Life Force that we require to be less stressed and more joyful in everything we do. Thinking that our responsibilities in life are more important than meditation is like thinking that we don’t need to eat or sleep. Without eating, sleeping and meditation our whole life slowly breaks down and we complain that it is the fault of the world around us. Our clear and healthy experience of life is the most important responsibility that we have. Please take care of your self and find more love and happiness in your life every day!

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