Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Time to Smile and Celebrate Your New Life

Today is a day of rest. After all the offerings this month and all the spiritual events, it is time to honor Amaterasu and look into the mirror. Go to a place in Nature and relax. Tune in to your inner being and notice how much you have changed.
Look in the mirror and see your new self. Close your eyes so you are not distracted by the outside world. Put aside everything that you have been doing and everything that has happened to you and your family. Just be quiet with your new self.

What do you see? What do you feel in the most quiet place deep inside of you? Listen to the sounds of Nature around you with your eyes closed. Just listen and feel peaceful. Feel how big your consciousness is. Your consciousness is like a balloon that expands in all directions. Notice how big it has become. This is your new self. You are more empty than you were before. This emptiness, this silence is the fruit of your offerings for your self, your family and your world.
Now notice that the emptiness, the silence is really full. You are more full than you have ever been. This is the fullness of Love and Compassion. It is so peaceful that in your busy life you cannot see it. Take time today to just enjoy your self, enjoy your deep inner Peace.
This is a gift that remains forever. No one can take it away from you. Even when the storms of life come, this peace remains like the sky undisturbed by the clouds. Your true nature is not what you have been doing. These things come and go, but the deep peace of your inner sky goes on forever. From now on everything you do will be less important than remembering this inner Peace. Have this and your future will take a turn for the better. Every day will be better than the day before. This is worth honoring. Count your blessings today. Look in the mirror and smile!

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