Monday, October 27, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Who Am I?

Source: Who Am I?
We all want to know who we are and what we should be doing in this life. Often this becomes a burning question and creates a lot of confusion and discomfort as we begin to think too much! The only real answer comes from inside of us. It can never come by trying to be like someone else or do something that others want us to do. Our Consciousness is a field of infinite possibilities. We can be anything we want.
The real problem that we have is “we think too much”! We use our mind to figure out what we should be doing and think too much about who we are. Don’t think! Relax, let go, and learn how to listen to our feelings.
The first question we need to answer is who am I? Our mind wants a concrete and specific answer. We think we identify our self by defining what we do. This is not the question why want to answer. Who am I is not determined by what we do. I am the same person now that I was when I was a child. My knowledge has changed, my desires have changed, but I am still the same person I was when I was a child. I am this consciousness that stays the same throughout my entire life.

The more we meditate, the more our consciousness becomes awake. When our consciousness grows, we see more possibilities and we have more knowledge and inspiration to do many things that were not possible before. Expanding your consciousness is the first priority we have as a human being. Explore your life and see as much as you can see. Never close your mind or shut down in frustration. Open your heart and feel the goodness of who you are. Fill your heart with love and you will have more incentive to look around and see what you want to do.
What we want to do is the second question (not the first). Thinking about what we want to do will never give us a satisfying answer. Thinking only leads to confusion. Instead, turn off your mind but remain alert. Quietly alert and attentive to what you feel. Your heart knows what the mind cannot see. Learn to feel what you want. Feel the energy moving inside of you and trust your self. Never negate your feelings, empower them!
The heart feels one step at a time. You don’t need to know where you are going or what you will finally do. You only need to know the direction you want to move in. Trust your feelings and take a step. This starts you in the right direction.
One step at a time brings us to our goal. Step by step we gain our Enlightenment. Enlightenment never happens in one step. It is an ongoing process that continues for infinity. What we want to do is an ongoing process that leads to greater fulfillment and greater possibilities. Live the infinite life by being open to all possibilities. Do this and your life will find its own way to happiness.

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