Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ What about God?

God is the central source of all things. God is the ocean and all living beings are the waves.
No one is ever separated from God, in the same way that all waves are never separated from the ocean.
All living beings have God inside of them. Some will call it our Buddha Nature. Others will call it our Inner Christ. But even beyond the Buddha Nature and the Inner Christ is a state of Consciousness that goes beyond all things.

God is the Infinite Consciousness inside of us. This Consciousness has three characteristics: Infinite Existence and Life Force, Infinite Intelligence, and Infinite Love and Happiness.
When we look at life only from the perspective of the wave, our individual self imagines that it is separate and different from all other waves. We think we are an individual struggling with the forces around us.
When we dive deep inside of our self as in meditation, we discover a different perspective. If we arrive at the very center of our Consciousness and the very center of our being, we look at all life as a part of an infinite ocean of Consciousness.
This center of Consciousness is like an ocean but it is more like an infinite Sun radiating its light to all living things. On the surface of our life there is our body, mind and emotions moving about through life like any other wave. But deep inside of our consciousness at the very center of our life, we are the same consciousness as God. There is no difference between our outer identity and the infinite light that shines through us.
When we discover our inner secret nature as God Consciousness, we can shine our love and knowledge through our body, mind and soul until it remembers that any thing is possible.

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