Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Great Mother Mt. Fuji

A Message from Merlin
Well now! Blessings and Greetings to all of you, my friends!
It is I, the Merlin with a message to you about Avalon and the Magenta Flame!
The Feminine Energy is coming on strong this month and centering its energies on Mt. Fuji. Even for those of you who can’t make it to the mountain, no worry! Your soul travels to the infinite while you sleep! Can you feel it?
There is no time and there is no distance that your soul requires to be in this energy on Mt. Fuji. She is your mother after all! Where you are, She is with you. She loves all her children in Japan and loves you who are loving her most of all. She will help you through your most difficult times and lifts you into your future in the Light of the Magenta Flame.

Wherever you are, She is with you even now while you are busy with your daily life. Feel the Magenta Flame inside your soul body, filling you with Compassion, Wisdom and Love. She warms your heart and soothes your soul.
What ever you wish for will be. And when you wish for the good of Japan, She is with you even more.
Avalon existed thousands of years ago. It was a time when every soul was in harmony with the Feminine Power of Nature. All life was at peace with one another, and magic was alive in each of your souls. The doors were open between the visible and invisible worlds and you were happy to see into the mystery of life.
Call on your mysterious gifts and your magical powers. Set your intention to be a child of magic and spiritual truth. Ask that the light show you the invisible mystery of Nature.
Do you know that every animal and every tree and flower is alive as an angel of Nature? They are smiling at you even now. You may see only the flower, but inside that flower is an angel smiling back at you. Every living being has a physical and a spiritual essence. Even you have a spiritual body of light that moves and breathes with love and joy!
On October 30 the doors between the worlds will be completely open. They are already opening more every day. These two weeks prior to the 30th of October will bring the Magenta Flame into your soul so strongly that your inner vision will see beyond the veil of this physical world.
Honor your Mother on Mt. Fuji and she will give this gift to all of her children. Even your family and friends will begin to understand the great transformation that is upon us. Welcome this New Awakening with all your heart and it shall be given to you and your loved ones.
Remember, it is your intention that creates your reality. Change the way you think, and you will change the world you live in. Bless you my friends! I am Merlin the Master of Magic and the Guardian of the Door Between the Worlds.

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